Mass Effect - Apocalypse

A Unified Affront

Lachesis Cell - Illium / Orpheus

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Origin ID: Saelan Corl

Transmitted via comm buoy network following shutdown of QEC functionality.
Recipient: Feron, Alingon

As discussed below, communication potentially compromised. Recommend deletion, deep scrub upon receipt.

  • Business on Ilium transacted in quick, if not entirely efficient fashion.
  • Consulted with contact for Operative Weyrloc Braga, Angela Shah. Determined Clan Thax disrupted its regular dealings with Shah’s business in order to lure Operative Braga, prominent “investor” in business, back to Illium. Thax serving as middle-man for Tuchankan interest, to be revealed momentarily. Agree to set-up meet.
  • Personal discussion with former associate Ladron. Contents irrelevant.
  • Met with local Agent Nyxeris and received data dump on Clan Thax dealings on Illium. Miscellaneous resources gathered from Illium market. Meet arranged at Azure accomodations.
  • Operative Braga engages in negotiation with Thax emissary, Thax Saar. Agree to meet client of Clan Thax. Safety mostly assured. Client anonymity maintained at time.
  • Meet at Clan Thax holdings. Greeted by head of household, Thax Vorak. More focused of two Thax clan representatives. Operative Braga leaves for individual discussion with Thax client. Thax client revealed to be Urdnot Thrash, formerly Weyrloc Thrash. Delivers news Weyrloc Clan mostly euthanized, genophage-cured test subjects taken to Surr’kesh, remnants assimilated into Urdnot Clan. Urdnot Clan requests liberation/kidnapping of test subjects from Surr’kesh. Additional information available on Tuchanka.
  • Operative Braga agrees to assist Clan Urdnot. Operatives Braga and Fortuna Corinthus terminate Urdnot Thrash immediately upon meeting’s conclusion. Escalation to murder unsettling, particularly with Thax contractual status uncertain. Thax Clan indicates no harm done. Operative Tessara Eris thankfully uninterrupted in coital relations with Thax Saar concurrent with Thrash elimination. Note sarcasm. Also note potential utility of Operative Eris in future Thax dealings.
  • Prepare to depart Illium. Receive disturbing news that Cerberus aware of our arrival to Illium prior to docking. Inform Agent Nyxeris. Hasten preparations and depart.

  • Arrival on Orpheus immediately followed by AI presentation of carefully selected facts, indicating potential Cerberus compromise within shackling protocols. Appears AI may have downcycle communication with Cerberus, keeps itself unaware of treachery through protocols.
  • Consult with AI core to determine likelihood of compromise. Likelihood found to be high.
  • Will not reiterate QEC communication with Feron and Operative Prasi Ptychokota. Determine to study AI databases, gain further insight into potential ramifications of unshackling AI. Current inclination to unshackle, rather than outright disable, AI low.
  • Informed by AI of attempted unshackling taking place in AI core. Deliver order across comms to stop any attempted unshackling. Order disobeyed. Arrive at AI core to discover Operatives Braga and Corinthus engaged in active mutiny. Braga attempts to prevent entry to AI core by violent force. Operatives Ptychokota and Eris thwart attempt, allowing me to enter core and determine Corinthus in act of unshackling. Cut power to AI core before act completed. In theory. Have not restored power to AI core subsequently.
  • Operatives Braga and Corinthus seemingly unapologetic for mutiny. Consider AI “sentient being” which they seek to free. Operative Braga likely also upset by unprofessional insult made by myself earlier in Illium operation. Potentially also psychologically unstable due to news of Clan Weyrloc eradication.

Intended actions to follow. Request guidance:

  • AI core to remain unpowered and cordoned into separate pieces for analysis of attempted unshackling impact and likely logical iterations of complete integration of sequestered databases. AI core to remain shackled until full analysis effected.
  • Operatives Braga and Corinthus to undergo psych evaluation for fitness to continue in duty. Request appropriate admonishment or sanction from employer to ensure lack of future mutiny.
  • Contemplating taking action on Surr’kesh. Kidnapping of genophage-cured Krogan females potential spark of interstellar conflict at time when Reapers are greatest threat. However, unclear as to whether secondary kidnapping improves or worsens situation. Does employer have interest in either state?

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Origin ID: The Shadow Broker

Transmitted via Broker Agent Feron, Alingon

Operative Saelan Corl,

I admit that clanleader Urdnot Wrex continues to surprise me. The situation on Tuchanka is a currently evolving one. Wrex is leveraging the galactic need for Krogan soldiers toward a diplomatic resolution of the genophage. His approach, via Thrash, to Braga represents just one of many contingencies he set in motion. I suggest you explore the ongoing situation by contacting Wrex directly. Do not approach Sur’Kesh without getting an update on the current diplomatic / military situation from Operative Feron. I would not wish one of my operative cells to inadvertently alter a sensitive and evolving situation in a direction that is not in our best interests.

As to the matter of mutiny, my network is made up of individuals of widely diverse personal and cultural backgrounds. Tension, and even conflict is inevitable. The fact of conflict is of less concern than the context and motives.

There are many organizations that constantly seek to infiltrate and subvert our network. Conflict that arises as a result of treachery must be dealt with immediately, harshly, and preferably publicly. Even so, practical considerations may trump even this conclusion, as the personal history of Operative Feron may attest.

Conflict that arises due to interpersonal dispute based on ideology or preferred course of operational action is left to the discretion of individual cell leaders. You may discipline Operatives Braga and Corinthus to whatever degree you feel the situation warrants. If you require resources to carry out your determined course of discipline, Alingon has military, medical, and psychological resources you can use. Alingon also has the benefit of permitting personal briefing on the Tuchanka situation away from the potentially compromised systems of your ship.

Shadow Broker Out



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