Mass Effect - Apocalypse

A Unified Front

Atropos Cell - Normandy SR2 / Citadel

Logged: Transcript of QEC contact, London, Earth, Timestamp 17:

  • Kaidan Alenko – Sir, it’s good to see you, how are you holding up?
  • Admiral David Anderson – Kaiden, I won’t lie, it’s rough down here. I know it was hard on you, leaving Earth like that, but you know as well as I do that the Citadel is our only real hope of surviving this. You have to get the Council on our side.
  • Kaiden – I know sir. I… have some news. gestures behind him, Commander Jane Shepard steps up
  • Anderson – Shepard… I… But… Joker swore you were dead, that you didn’t make it off the Collector base when it blew.
  • Shepard – Captain Anderson, it’s… good to see you.
  • Anderson – uh…
  • Kaiden – Admiral, sir, there’s a lot I need to explain. This isn’t the… original Shepard sir. She’s a clone grown by Cerberus for spare parts. Apparently she was stolen by a Cerberus splinter group, and then liberated by some of Liara’s people. Apparently she has some of her memories, but nothing since the SR1 was destroyed.
  • Anderson – A… clone? That’s… a bit hard to believe.
  • Shepard – It’s true sir. And yes, it’s hard for me to believe too. To avoid confusion I started using the name of my grandmother, Catherine Shepard.
  • Anderson – But… who else knows you’re a clone?
  • Kaiden – Almost no-one sir. Liara, of course, and some of her people. Also those of us aboard the Normandy. There’s a… well… a plan to pass her off as the original. Apparently Liara’s people have already falsified the Council archives. We simply tell everyone that the Shepard that worked for Cerberus was the clone, an imposter of some sort, and this one can step up and be a rallying point. Frankly, sir, we need her fame and her particular talents if we’re going to rally a bunch of frightened politicians.
  • Anderson – I agree, so long as.. well… no offense to you, Shepard, but I’m hoping there’s enough of you in there to pull this off.
  • Shepard, quietly – So do I sir.
  • Anderson – It’s a risk, but we all have to take some crazy risks if we’re going to win this thing. Kaiden, thanks for letting me know. It gives all of us here on Earth hope to know that you and your people are out there looking for help.
  • Kaiden – Thank you sir.
  • Anderson – Anderson out.

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Reporting Officer: Dariserix Bahktian


This report is a collation and summary of reports submitted by various members of my squad.

  1. Aleksandr Davidson visited his sister Ilena Davidson at the laboratory headquarters of Task Force Aurora. While there, he witnessed Dr. Garret Bryson‘s assistant shoot the doctor in the head. Davidson reports that the assistant was under the effects of some overt form of mind-control when it happened. When Operative Davidson attempted his own biotic control abilities, the assistant was able to momentarily control Davidson as well before collapsing. Although Task Force Aurora does possess a piece of Sovereign, there were some irregularities in how this particular mind-control manifested. Subsequent discussion with Spectre Kaiden Alenko led to the hypothesis that the mind-control used on Bryson’s assistant was biotic in some fashion, which would rule out Reaper indoctrination. The only direct clue was a phrase the assistant spoke while under the effects: “The Darkness Must Not Be Breached.”
  2. Dr. Bryson’s daughter, Dr. Anneliese “Ann” Bryson, is now theoretically in charge of Task Force Aurora, but she is out of contact at a dig site in the 1337 Argus system. This is the same system where ExoGeni found a new Prothean tomb world. Apparently this system came to Task Force Aurora’s attention as a result of ExoGeni’s survey data. Dr. Bryson’s interest was not in the Prothean tombs but on a different planet entirely, one that showed signs of once being habitable, and inhabited by, a sentient species about a billion years ago. This accords with Task Force Aurora’s mandate to investigate whatever weapon or creature destroyed the Leviathan of Dis (albeit temporarily) a billion years ago.
  3. Operative Melsany Ward’s daughter and her adoptive family have been lured to the human colony of Elysium. There is the suspicion of foul play by Alphonse Lorraine
  4. Operative Sebastian Murphy reports a private debriefing with Rear Admiral Sinclair of the Systems Alliance. The admiral mentioned that Cerberus has attacked the colony of Benning and is abducting civilians for an unknown purpose. The Alliance is stretched too thin to respond.

As your most recent communication indicates we have some time before our next major operation, we will most likely be pursuing one or more of the above leads.

Dariserix Bahktian



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