Mass Effect - Apocalypse

An Engineered Plague

Lachesis Cell / Omega

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocol Engaged

Origin Designation: Charity / Omega

Report Follows:

Your team arrived ahead of schedule. I was pleased that Tessara has advanced in your service so quickly and was therefore part of the team sent to deal with this Collector plague transaction.

I briefed the team on the fact that certain Vorcha had held on to viable samples of the bioweapon used nearly a year ago here in the Gozu district and that an ambitious Blood Pack Krogan named Ganar Vigos was trying to buy it to export it away from easy access to Mordin Solus’ cure.

I understand that you have your own reasons for wanting samples of this particular weapon, and I think our past business relationship is sufficient to trust that you won’t use it to casually wipe out Turian colonies or some-such. Never fear, should your team be successful I will deliver the samples as promised, as well as samples of the cure procured from Dr. Daniel Abrams. I admit that the fact that humans are immune to this particular weapon does reduce my own incentive to renege on our arrangement, not that I’m the reneging sort.

Rest assured, I continue to value our association, and I understand the very real consequences of any sort of betrayal.


Helena Blake



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