Mass Effect - Apocalypse

Dantius Data

Atropos Cell, Nos Astra, Illium

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocol Engaged

Origin Designation: Observer / Illium

Report Follows:

MSV Strontium Mule arrived ahead of schedule. My compliments to the pilot. Cargo disembarked. Briefed them on the mission. They asked good questions, tactical questions, my compliments on the quality of operatives sent for this matter. Discovered later that a keepsake belonging to my predecessor was missing, probably taken by one of the operatives. It was unimportant, but will make note to self about leaving loose valuables around.

They opted against a frontal assault on Level 22, wise move. Arranged one of the more subtle kidnappings I’ve ever seen. Convinced Salarian Eclipse hacker to meet privately for “under the table” job. Hacker was convinced to take double-agent as backup. Extracted location of objective from captive. Left captive alive, but discredited within Eclipse. Subsequent activity in the cargo berth of Eclipse frigate “Pride of Cassiopeia” will likely cause the ruse to be untangled however. Will take efforts to preserve double-agent’s integrity, but may not last, at least within Eclipse forces on Illium.

Operatives infiltrated cargo berth posing as customs inspector. More martial-looking operatives later bluffed their way aboard the “Pride” pretending to be bounty hunters chasing con-woman “custom inspector”. Team managed to board vessel and seal reinforcements out. Sustained firefight throughout the ship resulted in theft of ship, along with safe acquisition of objective and eleven Eclipse prisoners.

Operatives will rendezvous at nav point 11217, Tasale System for evaluation

Encryption Protocol Disengaged



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