Mass Effect - Apocalypse

Death of an Illusive Man

Lachesis Cell - Anadius System

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Origin ID: Saelan Corl

Recipient: Feron, Alingon

  • Rendezvoused with pirate/mercenary fleet under command of Decimus Septim in Anadius system.
  • System determined to be location of Cerberus HQ based on intel from hacking the Elbrus, interviewing rescued Cerberus scientists, and Septim’s tracing of Cerberus operatives.
  • Coordinated an attack, Septim to engage naval forces, us to infiltrate station, take out kinetic barriers, enemy AI.
  • Enemy ships capable of more effective scan/targeting in solar winds of Anadius’ star because of station AI, disabling it a priority.
  • Operative Braga called in favors, procured micro-QEC paired devices, installed in Orpheus, as well as in LOKI mech, permitting ADaM remote participation in mission, added countermeasures against enemy AI.
  • Operative Braga procured services of surviving Aralakh squad of Krogan.
  • Attacked via enemy fighter launch bay. Did significant damage to bay, and defenders. ADaM prevented us from being vented into space.
  • Fought through bowels of station, encountered significant Cerberus resistance.
  • Found laboratory areas. Recovered experimental files, personally foiled AI attempts to entrap / kill us
  • Found central laboratory, large space containing partially destroyed Reaper-construct in the vague shape of a human skeleton
  • Attacked on catwalks. With aid of Aralakh squad, fought upwards. Operative Fortuna Corinthus crawled inside Reaper superstructure, destroyed Reaper-tech power source, got covered in corrosive Eezo-gel, may be responsible for subsequent irresponsible behavior
  • Found Illusive Man’s office, as well as Illusive Man.
  • Sought to recover data from terminal, but with Reaper-construct power source destroyed, station AI offline, and kinetic barriers down, station beginning to disintegrate, data mostly wiped.
  • Illusive Man sought to parlay, used overt Reaper-technological implants to control actions of squad, attempts to kill him turned on other squad members.
  • ADaM mech immune, but destroyed by errant squad-mate attack
  • Sought to defeat Illusive Man via persuasion, manipulation of Cerberus ideology toward capture / conversion
  • Was incrementally successful, convinced Illusive Man to trust me, accompany us aboard Orpheus, escape station
  • Operative Corinthus continued attempting to kill him, despite all orders to desist, and despite nearly being killed by constant friendly fire at behest of Illusive Man’s control of squadmates.
  • Succeeded at convincing Illusive Man to trust me and accompany me. Corinthus killed him. A waste.
  • Evacuated station
  • Cannot stress enough how potentially useful a converted Illusive Man could have been. Cannot stress enough how insubordinate Corinthus is.
  • Illusive Man’s corpse in my laboratory awaiting analysis.



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