Mass Effect - Apocalypse

Grissom Academy

Atropos Cell - Elysium / Grissom Academy

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Reporting Officer: Dariserix Bahktian, Squad Leader, Atropos Cell, Captain of the Twilight

Routed via Operative Circe T’Siri


In seeking to aid Operative Melsany Ward in recovering her daughter we ended up uncovering and foiling a Cerberus plot to kidnap a number of the best and brightest young humans of the Alliance. I’m sending this report urgently in case the Calm Shores or some other military asset is in the area. There may still be a disabled Cerberus cruiser docked to Grissom Academy that could be salvaged for further intel and war materiel.

It would appear that six years ago Alphonse Lorraine, primary investor in the Elysium Development Corporation, hired Operative Ward, who was then working for Eclipse, to assassinate his own son. During the course of that operation, Ward had an additional encounter with Lorraine and became pregnant. She gave her daughter, Leigh, to Eric and Ginny Coldwell, a pair of humans living in Tayseri Ward. The Coldwells were raising Leigh as their own, hiding her from Lorraine, whose identity they did not know.

Recently, the Coldwell’s “won” a sweepstakes and were granted a vacation to the Crystal Mountain Resort on Elysium. This was a front. Once there, Lorraine contacted them, revealed his status as Leigh’s real father, provided sufficient proof of his claims, and convinced the Coldwell’s to hand the child over “for her own good.” We learned of the sweepstakes and Lorraine’s subsequent actions after tracking down the Coldwells at the resort. After some footwork on Elysium, we discovered that Lorraine and Leigh had departed the planet but had not traveled through the Vetus Relay. We arranged for the Coldwells to get off planet with the assistance of your agent Oraphon.

Operative Lia’Danna vas Rayya noted some suspicious traffic through the relay which she circumstantially connected to Cerberus. We prepared to develop a plan to track down Lorraine, but shortly after we made it back to the Twilight we received an emergency distress call from nearby Grissom Academy. The academy had technically closed because of the Reaper attacks, but there were a number of children in the Alliance Ascension project still on the station, as well as other special needs children and children who didn’t have homes to return to.

After receiving their distress call, we received a response broadcast from a Turian cruiser. The Turian signal seemed… odd. I found it suspicious that a Turian warship would be in the Vetus system when Palaven was burning. Operative Sebastian Murphy recognized certain hallmark details in the broadcast as Cerberus encoding, leading us to believe the response was a fake. Thanks to information provided by Dr. Liara T’Soni, we were aware that Lorraine had strong financial ties to Cerberus, and suspected that he might be meeting up with Cerberus forces within the system.

We arrived at Grissom Academy under stealth and saw that a Cerberus cruiser was docked with the station, with two frigates flying picket and a wing of fighters on patrol. We boarded one of the Twilight’s stealth shuttles and had the Twilight play a game of stealth-tag with the fighters while we found a way to board. The Director of the academy, Kahlee Sanders, was trying to broadcast another distress call through Cerberus jamming and we were able to contact and rendezvous with her. Cerberus was broadcasting a message on all channels throughout the academy urging all of the children to surrender peacefully. Operative Ward identified Lorraine as the speaker.

We fought our way through Cerberus and rescued eight powerfully biotic teenaged children from a significant Cerberus force. In the fighting, Operative Thesalia Kyrathis was grievously wounded. She escorted Director Sanders and the children back to the shuttle while the rest of us, borrowing a recovered Atlas mech, took the fight to the cruiser.

Operative Lia’Danna was able to return the academy’s security to our control, which greatly aided our ability to board the ship and keep the enemy off-guard. Her subsequent skill at subverting the cruiser’s systems, despite some significant anti-intrusion countermeasures, cannot be emphasized enough. Without the ship’s systems on our side, we might have been overwhelmed.

On the cruiser, we discovered the rest of the abducted children, but found no sign of Lorraine and Leigh. We made our way to the cruiser’s shuttle-bay, which Operative Tori’Xen vas Alarei managed to single-handedly hold and defend with the help of a Cerberus arc projector. As we prepared to extract the children, another of the shuttles came suddenly to life and made a break for open space, hoping to rendezvous with one of the Cerberus frigates which had, by now, returned.

Belina Risari chose that moment to bring the Twilight out of stealth with a strafing run on the shuttles giving us enough time for a coordinated zero-g shuttle-to-shuttle assault. While Operative Aleksandr Davidson used a biotic field to keep air in our shuttle for our rescued children, Operatives Ward, Murphy and I crossed the distance to the other, disabled shuttle and boarded it. I biotically sealed the shuttle as we cut our way in, where we encountered Lorraine holding Leigh hostage. We were able to remove Leigh from Lorraine unharmed. Operative Ward repaired the damaged shuttle, and the entire team eventually rendezvoused with the Twilight once Belina was able to shake the Cerberus frigates.

Once we had Lorraine as a prisoner, I debated with myself over the best course of action to take regarding him. Ultimately, I concluded that his continued existence would cause too great a distraction to Operative Ward at a time when we cannot afford to lose focus in our fight against the Reapers. I allowed Operative Ward to kill him. While I considered attempting to obfuscate my actions, and present Lorraine’s death as an unfortunate accident, I decided that doing so would be pointless and would simply cause more problems in the long term.

The Twilight took some damage in the altercation. We will need to assess the damage soon, as well as find a suitable place for the Grissom Academy students. Director Sanders indicated she has some ideas, which she will share with me once she has ensured the safety of her students. Please let me know if you have instructions for us in this regard.

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Captain Dariserix Bahktian,

Although Lorraine could have proven a valuable intelligence asset against Cerberus, you have discretion in the field to weigh the cost verses the benefit of keeping such an asset alive and secured. In this case, collateral sources make Cerberus’s motivations and intent relatively clear. I appreciate your honesty in this regard.

The Shadow Broker



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