Mass Effect - Apocalypse

Priority: Prison Break

Atropos Cell, Sol System / Arcturus Station

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Reporting Officer: Dariserix Bahktian, Squad Leader, Atropos Cell, Captain of the Reluctant


This will be my final report prior to Phase 3 of the current operation. I will briefly summarize the plan as previously reported and indicate our progress.

Systems alliance codex image
Per your instructions, we are to remove Kasumi Goto from Systems Alliance custody. Goto is currently held in a top-security medical detention facility on Arcturus Station, and is to be transported to Alliance headquarters in the city of Vancouver on Earth. Your instructions were to develop a plan to acquire Goto, and submit that plan along with a list of the resources and/or contacts necessary for the planned operation.

The approved operational plan is as follows:

Phase 1: Collect information about the details of the transfer, and take the steps necessary to insert Shadow Broker agents in place of Alliance military personnel assigned to monitor the transfer.
Resources required: Access to Alliance military databases.
Summary: In Vancouver, agent Alice White provided a 20 minute window of free access to Alliance personnel systems. Using this access, Lia’Danna discovered pending transfer orders for three N-program officers with top-secret clearance. These orders assigned the officers to Arcturus Station as support for the prisoner transfer. Lia’Danna was able to subvert Alliance human resources systems to falsify new top-secret security identities for Melsany Ward and Tyler Maddox, and transpose the existing orders to these new identities. Per your suggesion, we procured a standard Alliance Kodiak shuttle to transport the two of them for Phase 2 of the plan. We also discovered the Alliance Intelligence officer in charge of the prisoner transfer operation, namely Captain Sarah Goldman.

Phase 2: Infiltrate agents Ward and Maddox onto Arcturus Station and the transport ship, and prepare the necessary sabotage for Phase 3.
Resources required: Intelligence assets to provide information about the transport ship, a status report on Kasumi Goto, and security arrangements for the transfer. An agent with access to the exterior of the transport ship, able to plant explosive devices.
Summary: We discovered from your agents on Arcturus Station that the transport ship is an Alliance Exeter-class frigate retrofitted for a high thrust-to-mass ratio. The ship’s more typical function is as a high-security courier vessel, so it has been rebuilt for speed. We discovered that Captain Goldman is taking every reasonable precaution to ensure security and secrecy. We discovered that Kasumi Goto is being kept in a cryo-stasis state for transport, probably due to her extensive custom cybernetic implants. Lia’Danna created a specialized computer virus which Melsany Ward will introduce to the Alliance frigate’s FTL Drive systems to create a systems crash. We also utilized one of your agents working in the docks on Arcturus Station to plant a small explosive charge on the exterior of the vessel that will disable the frigate’s sensor and communication systems once activated by our infiltration team. Once aboard, if possible, our two agents will seek out the ship’s emergency beacon and disable that as well.

Phase 3: Sabotage of the Alliance ship’s FTL systems, communication, and sensors en-route to the Arcturus relay, and interception by a Shadow Broker vessels.
Resources required: FTL-capable ships sufficient to intercept the disabled Alliance frigate and effect the “rescue” of her crew.
Summary: Without the ability to call for help in the immense void of space, the Alliance frigate will be entirely at the mercy of the Reluctant, supported by the cruiser Calm Shores and its support vessels which you have delegated to my command. Our infiltration team has been provided with hand-held, encrypted emergency beacons that they will activate once the frigate’s communication systems have been destroyed. Our fleet will either negotiate the frigate’s surrender or damage it enough to force everyone into escape pods. Either way we will take all crew into custody, including Goto, who will then be separated from the rest. With fortune, our small fleet will be out of the Arcturus system before the Alliance notices their timetable has been disrupted.

Melsany Ward and Tyler Maddox have undergone some cosmetic alteration at the hands of our ship’s medic, Iris Krayt, and have departed in their shuttle to initiate Phase 2. The rest of our small fleet is in the Arcturus system awaiting Phase 3.

My next report will be sent within one solar day. If I do not report within that window, assume failure of the mission and initiate clean-up accordingly.

Dariserix Bahktian

Encryption Protocols Disengaged



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