Mass Effect - Apocalypse

The Conquest of Omega

Lachesis Cell - Omega

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Sender ID: Saelan Corl

Encrypted and Compressed, Routed via Comm-Relay ID MSV Strontium Mule

  • Laid low in anticipation of operation against Cerberus frigate. One day into two day anticipated wait, received distress call from ally of agent Prasi Ptychokota, Turian named Nimmor Kandros.
  • Nimmor indicated sister pinned down by Adjutants in spire-reactor, seeking to prevent loss of critical power to Fuji-spire. Hinted that normal resources not available for rescue.
  • Stole Cerberus shuttle to rapidly gain proximity to Fuji-spire. On foot through thoroughfare, ambushed by Eclipse engineer Troy Gaines who had co-opted Cerberus mechs, specifically:
    • Two YMIR-class heavy mechs
    • One ATLAS-class Cerberus Battle Mech
    • Twenty Four mechs of a design unknown to me, resembling supercharged LOKI-class mechs, schematics included.

Me3 rampart mech

  • New mech-class capable of advanced melee combat, super-charged power-source resulting in heat-related injuries if in close proximity.
  • Gaines attacked due to previous personal grudge against agent Tessara Eris. He was subdued and ultimately executed by agent Eris.
  • I gained control over two surviving YMIR mechs and dozen surviving new mechs. We hurried to the aid of Nimmor.
  • Arrived at reactor. Found Nimmor and members of Talons gang keeping reactor stable. Sounds of gunfire and Adjutant attack. Arranged approach by tactical phalanx, using co-opted mechs as cover. Engaged Adjutants and rescued Nyreen Kandros, Nimmor’s sister. Her involvement with Talons a secret, thus Nimmor’s hesitance to call usual contacts.
  • Evacuated Nyreen and two surviving associates to Talons safe-house. Became aware that Nyreen is gang-leader, and gang is significantly militarized, not rag-tag criminals as initially reported.
  • Nyreen appears to hold personal grudge against Cerberus
  • While conferring, received station-wide broadcast from Colonel Raymond Ashe claiming Omega in the name of Cerberus
  • Held strategy session with Nyreen, discussed possibility of striking quickly to kill Ashe. Concluded that he would only make such an announcement after his hold on Afterlife club secure, and defenses well-entrenched.
  • Nyreen seemed to know significant details of Cerberus’ clandestine smuggling of significant mechs and manpower aboard the station placed at key points for rapid deployment and the securing of vital locations.
  • Discussed likely fate of Aria T’Loak. Alluded to our own pending plan to steal Cerberus frigate. Nyreen identified frigate at the “Prometheus”, Colonel Ashe’s personal ship. Provided us with schematics and secrets to enable tactical approach of docking ramp, offered resources to provide diversion for Cerberus.
  • Left Talons, sought out Jorgal Nask to discuss timetable.
  • Fought through some Cerberus on way to Zaeed Massani. Upon removing helmet of dead soldier, discovered unusual implant technology:

Cerberus husk

  • Rendezvoused with Zaeed. Incorporated Talon participation and intel into plan, moved timetable up to immediate action.
  • Showed Zaeed Cerberus implants. Zaeed used terms “husk” and “Reaper” and gave us a quick briefing on his opinion that mythical species “Reapers” are intelligent ship-sized artificial intelligences who intend on invading the galaxy. Incorporated Geth attack on the Citadel and personal experience in mission against Collectors into theory. Seemed unsurprised at my skepticism.
  • Plan to steal Prometheus imminent. Sending report in case of failure.



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