Mass Effect - Apocalypse

The Leviathan Awakens


Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Reporting Officer: Dariserix Bahktian, Squad Leader, Atropos Cell, Captain of the Twilight

Routed via Operative Circe T’Siri


Without putting too fine a point on it, the Reapers are here. Attached is video taken from our escape from the surface of Kar’Shan during the invasion (file: karshan-skyline).
Reaper ruin

You can see, at marker 3:12.04, the one in sector 012.1 experiences a sudden nuclear detonation, which knocks some of its “legs” off, whereupon the remainder of the Batarian fleet successfully destroys it. That was the supposedly “dead” Leviathan of Dis. It was, so far as we could tell before evacuating the system, the only Reaper casualty.

I’ll back up so you can get the full narrative. Our new Asari negotiator Thesalia Kyrathis spoke with Ka’hairal Balak. He apparently told a tale of growing suspicion of his own government and their motives over the course of the last twenty years. He spent that last three years using his security clearance with the Batarian External Forces uncovering evidence of an extensive cabal slowly seizing the reigns of power throughout the hegemony dating back twenty years. I won’t belabor the details, as I’m sure it’s obvious that he was seeing the pernicious effects of indoctrination on those involved in studying the Leviathan of Dis. We know that the Leviathan, even “dead”, possessed the power to indoctrinate from the files of Operation Dispater. Balak offered to sell to you all the data he had gathered on this conspiracy. In exchange, he asked that you prepare a black op to destroy the facility where the Leviathan was being kept. As this was already our objective, the deal was an easy one to strike.

We spent a couple of days preparing. Melsany Ward came up with an experimental implant that she hoped would provide some protection from indoctrination using state-of-the-art biotic amps repurposed to use the skull as a resonator. The technical schematics are attached. We had Balak provide forged documentation portraying us as a cargo of top-quality technical slaves being delivered, along with reactor parts, to the facility. The idea being, once inside, we would use our biotics to procure weapons and equipment, smuggling some in with the reactor parts, and then proceed to gather the data on the Leviathan and blow the facility. We procured a small tactical nuke which we planned to set in the facility’s fusion reactor.

The plan went reasonably well until we got to the hangar where Leviathan was. We immediately noticed that there were a great many people of a great many species, all apparently working on the immense derelict Reaper, and who were fairly glassy-eyed when it came to our intrusion. Almost as soon as we entered, however, it became clear that the Leviathan was not dead.

Apparently, the indoctrinated personnel had spent twenty years doing spot-repairs on the hulk. It thrummed to life as we entered and spoke to us as it proceeded to pull itself loose from its moorings and take off.

The next few moments are not entirely clear. The Leviathan gave off a powerful series of sub-audible frequencies that seemed to confuse our thinking. Lia’Danna vas Rayya was able to get most of the data on the system, but we were unable to retrieve all of it (file: karshan-leviathan). There were sporadic moments of friendly fire, as well as a few near-death experiences as we struggled to achieve our objective while a massive ship more than a kilometer long was taunting us and shaking the hangar apart. Ultimately, I made the decision to abandon the plan of destroying the facility with the nuke and instead we made a last-ditch effort to plant the nuke on the escaping Reaper, which we managed successfully before fleeing the collapsing facility.

The video attached above shows the detonation of that device. The Batarian navy was being chewed up as we fled in the Twilight, but they did have the tactical presence of mind to capitalize on the already-weakened Reaper vessel and were able to destroy it.

As the video, and supplementary data, shows, Kar’Shan is very likely a total loss. The Reapers did not follow expected tactics and did not cut off the Mass Relay. Instead, they appeared to be almost herding fleeing refugee ships and shuttles toward escape.

The Leviathan’s words to us that stand out most strongly in my mind: “I am the Herald of our return, the next cycle begins.”

Dariserix Bahktian



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