Mass Effect - Apocalypse

The Rachni Queen

Lachesis Cell - Mulla Xul System

Hello Feron.

You told me to send you a formal report, and so here you are. Oh, this is Braga. Since Saelan had to stay behind to talk to the Salarian Councilor, Wrex asked Liara to put me in charge. He said it’s because he sent Aralakh company to help us, and they’ll only listen to another Krogan. He was right.

So, I hope you don’t mind, but before the mission I called some Asari commando friends. I wanted them in the system to extract us if things went bad. They totally know about the Reaper-Rachni now, so that’s not really a secret. We also brought that human combat medic that Liara found for us, “Hawkeye.” He seemed too cheerful, but Tessara says he’s ok.

We went to the planet Utukku like Liara and Wrex asked. We landed a shuttle and met Aralakh squad. It was led by Urdnot Ravik. I headbutted him until he agreed I was in charge.

We went into the tunnels. There was glowing water. There were eggs that exploded into little Rachni bugs that got into armor and bypassed shields. Fortuna is apparently upset when bugs get in her armor. I used my new Firestorm to burn the eggs and the swarms.

We found dead Krogan, the scout squad that Wrex said he lost contact with. We found Reaper-Rachni. We already sent you all the combat data on them. They hit pretty hard. There were also other types of Reaper creatures in the tunnels.

We fought through swarms, not letting them pin us down. A Cain can work pretty effectively even in caves sometimes. We then found the Rachni queen.


Liara told us that Shepard freed a queen on Noveria. This was apparently the same one, but implanted with Reaper things. She was shackled, though, and seemed like a prisoner. She spoke through the corpses of dead Krogan scouts and asked us to free her. She spoke using colors and was weird, but seemed to want to fight the Reapers with us. She told us she could temporarily keep her brain-dead children at bay. We decided to free her, and she started to tunnel to the surface while we fought rearguard against her angry Reaper-Rachni kids. Most of Aralakh squad died, but four survived, including Urdnot Ravik. He was upset we weren’t killing the queen. Fortuna made him scared. He probably won’t be a problem.

We called the Orpheus and managed to fit her in the cargo hold. We had to leave our shuttle behind though. Not enough room. We brought a corpse so we could keep talking, but she said it was easier to talk through Asari (or, we figured out that’s what she meant. She talks strange). We asked Sotiria to help, and she was willing, but the queen was stung by Sotiria’s mind, probably because she’s an ardat-yakshi. Tessara volunteered, and now the queen can talk through her anytime she wants.

Tessara says the queen knows a lot about technology, and can build ships and things really well. More importantly, the queen can “hear” the Reapers, and knows sort of where they are and what they want. She says now that the Reapers have conquered Thessia, they plan on attacking the Citadel next.

So… we have a rachni queen in our ship. Where do you want us to take her?



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