Mass Effect - Apocalypse

The Red Planet

Atropos Cell - Mars

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Reporting Officer: Dariserix Bahktian, Squad Leader, Atropos Cell, Captain of the Twilight

Delivered by hand, Routed for archival purposes via Operative Circe T’Siri


As we passed through the Exodus Cluster en-route to Mars, we permitted Ka’hairal Balak to depart. His stated intent was to blend in with the Batarian refugees at the Citadel and to try to help them as best he could. Circe also passed on what little news was coming out of the Sol system, which indicated the Reapers had come in force much as they had to Kar’Shan.

We passed through the Arcturus system and witnessed the wreckage of the former capitol of the Systems Alliance, as well as the wreckage of most of the human Fourth Fleet.

As we arrived on Mars, we noticed the lack of transmissions or traffic. Everything indicated that the Martian Archives were empty. As we approached in a shuttle, we made contact with the Reluctant. Kurnow filled us in that Catherine Shepard had taken the mechs and gone into the facility to try to rescue you from a Cerberus attack.

We infiltrated the facility where we discovered that apparently Cerberus had managed to vent all the atmosphere from the facility which strongly suggested an inside-agent. We made contact with you and Shepard. Shepard continued to draw Cerberus attention while we rendezvoused with you near the labs. We engaged Cerberus in a series of heated firefights. As we approached the tram, we lost communication with Shepard and our ship, although we didn’t notice this fact until Shepard arrived in the company of SPecTRe Kaidan Alenko and James Vega. Spectre Alenko originally called for us to put down our weapons and identify ourselves, but apparently he recognized you, and Shepard also indicated we weren’t hostiles. We joined forces and proceeded to the archives.

After some more fighting, we arrived. You began data extraction when once again The Illusive Man appeared via holographic projection. Once again Melsany Ward shorted out his emitter before he could engage us in any sort of dialogue. We discovered a Cerberus agent stealing the data and seeking to delete it from the systems. Vega, Melsany, myself, and Sebastian Murphy captured the agent while Lia’Danna vas Rayya, aided by your Prothean VI, managed to restore the deleted data and procure a full copy. The Cerberus agent proved to be a sophisticated synthetic platform which, when its capture appeared imminent, self-destructed. We took the “corpse” with us.

The destruction of the AI agent restored our communications. Our respective ships informed us that Reapers were in the system. We departed in haste, agreeing with Spectre Alenko to rendezvous on the Citadel.

We briefed you on the Reaper situation, you briefed us on the data you’ve recovered from the various Prothean ruins over the last three years, specifically on this “Crucible” device. I would suggest you have Thesalia Kyrathis help smooth the way in your upcoming meeting with Spectre Alenko and the Council if you haven’t already done so.

As we journeyed to the Citadel, Operative Ward experimented with the broken AI corpse and activated a backup failsafe. The Cerberus AI nearly managed to compromise a number of vital systems on the Twilight until Sebastian and Aleksandr Davidson rendered it inoperable while Lia’Danna fought off the malicious software intrusion. Lia’Danna indicates she could probably use some of the highly sophisticated code, along with our existing advanced VI, to create an AI of her own aboard the ship.

On a personal note, there was, of course, a lot of interpersonal discussion about the Reapers and sheer threat they represent. A number of my squadmates have family or friends on Earth. I have family actively engaged against them in Turian space. I appreciate the effort you made to give us information on our various loved ones. I know you have a galaxy-wide network to run and the Council to sway, but the concern was noted and appreciated.

Dariserix Bahktian

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

To: Captain Dariserix Bahktian

Routed from Circe T’Siri

Captain Bahktian,

I know that in a moment of concern I let certain… information slip. Nevertheless, in the interests of maintaining internal consistency with our various records and archives, it may be wise to continue to use a more formal third-person when referring to the Broker, and referring to him with the masculine pronoun. One can never be too careful, and providing clues as to the Broker’s identity, even within an encrypted report transmitted via QEC, is a habit we should probably not develop.

I know we all have greater concerns here than what must seem to be a fit of pedantry, but I suspect the integrity of the Broker’s network and the Broker’s identity will become all the more important as we increase our efforts against this new threat.

On a personal note, my prayers go with your family, particularly your youngest brother aboard the Dreadnought Mehrkuri. May they all be successful in their attempts to strike back at the Reapers near Taetrus.




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