Mass Effect - Apocalypse


Atropos Cell - Thessia

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Reporting Officer: Dariserix Bahktian, Squad Leader, Atropos Cell, Captain of the Twilight

Routed via Operative Circe T’Siri

I wonder sometimes at the point of maintaining the fiction that I’m reporting to the Shadow Broker when Liara lies critically wounded in my ship’s med bay and Reapers control every Council homeworld. Nevertheless, I understand the necessity of record-keeping and military structure, and so I will report on our mission to Thessia.

Liara’s briefing indicated that the most closely-guarded secret in Asari history is the fact that they had a Prothean archive on Thessia itself, concealed within the temple of the goddess Athame. This secret was known, apparently, only to Asari matriarchs, and so critical was it to Asari technological and cultural dominance over the last fifty-thousand years that utter secrecy had become habitual. Even the indoctrinated Matriarch Benezia managed to withhold knowledge of it from Saren. It was hoped that this reflexive secrecy had kept it hidden from the knowledge of the Reapers as well, and that we’d be able to fly to Thessia and recover data from these archives on the crucible to help us understand what, exactly, it’s supposed to do.

We arrived in the Parnitha system, however, to discover that the comm-buoy network was down. Investigation revealed micro-particulate wreckage. Operative Sebastian Murphy determined via materials-analysis that the buoy had been destroyed by a reaper metal-plasma beam weapon. It would appear that the Reapers were invading.

A few tense hours of FTL later confirmed it. Thessia was fully besieged. The defensive fleet was wreckage, and the Reapers were burning every major city.

Liara, Operative Thesalia Kyrathis, and our majority-Asari crew were understandably upset at what they saw, but we managed to keep the mission foremost. We loaded into a shuttle and aimed for an asari-held hard-point in the vicinity of the temple. Liara informed us that Thesalia’s mother, the famed matriarch and ambassador Polita Kyrathis, was originally supposed to be our contact at the temple. We hoped that the temple had escaped Reaper attack and that Ambassador Kyrathis was still there.

We arrived and relieved the asari commandos with deck-gun fire before parking the shuttle and setting out through the war-torn cityscape of Serrice toward the temple of Athame. We fought off a harvester and assorted Reaper foot-soldiers. We encountered a new sort of Reaper creature.


It hit hard with artillery-like shells. Ultimately, however, we fought our way to the temple which remained unscathed, but also apparently empty. We discovered the temple acolytes, dead with stab wounds.

Thesalia called for her mother and become more and more desperate, ultimately fleeing into the darkened depths of the temple. Sebastian and Lia’Danna chased after her while the rest of the squad puzzled out the strangely compelling statue of Athame. Aleksandr Davidson and Daphne Asada, both of whom possessed the Prothean cipher, seemed compelled by it, as did Liara.

Aleksandr ultimately unlocked the esoteric Prothean power network that opened the statue revealing the Prothean archive stack hidden inside. Thesalia and the others, meanwhile, found the temple’s priestess and the remaining acolytes, all dead, but with stab wounds that appeared self-inflicted. As they hurried to rejoin us, we were attacked by Matriarch Polita Kyrathis and four squads of Asari commandos. The Matriarch’s first action was to dominate Liara into shooting herself in the head.

It would appear that Matriarch Kyrathis was indoctrinated. She nearly dominated multiple members of the squad before Aleksandr succeeded at doing the same to her. We wounded her significantly, but ultimately Thesalia talked the commando squads into standing down and managed to talk to her mother. The Matriarch apparently managed to fight off the indoctrination long enough to warn us that the Reapers planned on attacking the Citadel once Thessia was pacified. She also had some personal comments for her daughter before she stabbed herself, mercifully ending her indoctrinated life.

Sebastian managed some battlefield medicine to keep Liara alive and we managed to extract to the shuttle, and from there back to the Twilight. We’ve brought Matriarch Kyrathis’ body with us. The commandos were apparently not indoctrinated, but rather misled by the Matriarch. We left them to make up for their error by fighting to resist the Reapers on Thessia.

Dariserix Bahktian



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