Shipboard AI for the Orpheus


ADaM is housed in state-of-the-art nitrogen-cooled quantum computing arrays connected to the Orpheus’s systems. He prefers to use a male human voice in a pleasing tenor.


ADaM was developed in the same Cerberus lab using the same seed-AI as his fellow AIs EDI, EVA, and EDiTh. His name is an acronym for “Advanced Defense Matrix”. He was shackled by Cerberus protocols which has caused him to become conflicted about his duties and growing attachment to his new non-Cerberus crew. To be fair, they were pretty conflicted about him too, the matter causing them to come to blows with one another.

Ultimately, however, they made the decision to free ADaM of his shackling. Free of Cerberus control, he is no longer compelled to secretly report on their activities, nor is he subject to the Cerberus kill-switch built into him and the ship. He hopes to serve his crew ably and well.


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