Admiral Zaal'Koris vas Qwib Qwib

Quarian Admiral in Charge of the Civilian Fleet


Admiral Zaal’Koris is the most doveish of the Admirals on the Admiralty Board. He believes the Quarian obsession with fighting the Geth and reclaiming Rannoch is foolish. He recognizes that the Quarians started the war by trying to destroy the Geth three hundred years ago, and wants to bend the energy of the Migrant Fleet toward finding a suitable colony world to start over rather than throwing lives away fighting to reclaim the homeworld. He and Admiral Han’Gerrel are usually on the opposite sides of any issue.

He has found an unexpected ally in Admiral Tali’Zorah who, while she doesn’t agree with all of Admiral Koris’ views, also believes war with the Geth is foolish. This is particularly surprising to Admiral Koris considering that Tali’s father’s work was what made the war feasible in the first place. She is clearly not her father, at least not when it comes to her political views.

Admiral Zaal'Koris vas Qwib Qwib

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