Alphonse Lorraine

Influential Colony Man


Alphonse Lorraine was a distinguished older gentleman with graying hair and an air of dignified gravitas.


Alphonse’s family was intrinsically involved in the initial investments that resulted in the human colony of Elysium. As a result, Alphonse is immensely wealthy, and a figure of significant note and repute in colony politics and business. He commonly represents Elysium in political and business forums.

Alphonse pushed strongly for increased independent investment in colony defense, pointing to historic threats from piracy, including the infamous Skyllian Blitz, but also pointing to the tragic assassination of his son Patrice by an Eclipse mercenary as evidence that colonies need constant vigilance… and a steady stream of foreign investment… without having to necessarily rely on the Systems Alliance for defense.

The Eclipse mercenary in question was Melsany Ward who Alphonse had seduced. Years later, he arranged for their mutual child to be taken from her adoptive parents for purposes unknown, but which were likely connected to Cerberus plans for the gifted students of Grissom Academy. Ward, and her allies, foiled Alphonse’s plan, defeated Cerberus, and Melsany got her revenge on her former lover, shooting him in the head.

Alphonse Lorraine

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