Anto Korragan

Batarian Bodyguard to Aria T'Loak


It’s simple, really: gruff and paranoid Batarian meets new human co-worker eager to learn the ropes and impress the boss. The two never, ever got along. Tyler Maddox tried at first. He understood concepts like hazing and workplace banter. But Anto just got mean, and after a while, Tyler got mean back. The worst was when Anto tried to poison Tyler with a tainted drink from the bar. Aria stepped in and forbade any further violence between the two, or anything close to it, but she conceded later that she had not, in truth, prohibited Tyler from setting a pack of rambunctious Varren cubs loose in Anto’s personal quarters to destroy a great amount of his personal property.

After that, she made sure they always worked on completely separate shifts. Good help was hard enough to find that she made the effort to keep them both on staff. Besides, the hostility seemed to help them both maintain their edge.

Anto Korragan

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