Caitlin Ahearn

N7 Commander, Leader of Operation Dispater


Commander Ahearn was a natural redhead with the lean, wiry build of a career soldier.


Commander Ahearn was a graduate of the elite Alliance N7 program. In 2175, She was selected to lead a covert team of Alliance operatives, along with a small number of allied Alien specialists, in Operation Dispater, a Top Secret operation to infiltrate a Batarian research facility.

The Alliance had reliable intel from the Salarian Special Tasks Group that the Batarians had, twelve years previously, recovered the wreck of a dreadnought-sized alien vessel from the lifeless planet of Jartar in the Dis system of the Hades Gamma cluster. This vessel, dubbed the “Leviathan of Dis”, was reportedly millions of years old, incorporating technology vastly superior to anything the current galaxy could bring to bear.

With the attack on Mindoir in 2170 and the withdrawal of the Batarian Embassy from the Citadel, the Alliance determined that permitting a rogue regime with clear anti-Alliance intent to possess such highly-advanced technology was against Alliance interests. Operation Dispater was to infiltrate the Batarian research facility on the Batarian homeworld of Kar’shan, steal what data they could, and destroy the facility, along with the Leviathan of Dis.

The operation went horribly awry. Alliance Intelligence lost track of the team and came to believe that all had been captured or killed. Alliance Intelligence began cleanup and plausible deniability measures when a battered shuttle returned to Alliance space with the only two survivors of the Operation: Commander Ahearn and a Hanar paleotechnologist named in Operation records only as “Regards the Works of the Enkindlers in Despair.” The Hanar slipped away from Alliance custody, but Commander Ahearn was extensively debriefed. She was mostly unresponsive, and ultimately diagnosed with severe PTSD.

One day, however, when she was being watched over by her psychiatrist in an Alliance medical facility, Ahearn went berserk. Using her N7 training, she killed her doctor, procured weapons, and went on a trail of destruction that left dozens of Alliance Intelligence officers dead. She died in the process. There are theories as to why she did this, but none of them are confirmed.

Alliance Intelligence has a standing request to the Hanar government to interview “Regards the Works of the Enkindlers in Despair” but so far nothing has come of it.

Caitlin Ahearn

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