Captain Sarah Goldman

Alliance Intelligence / Cerberus


Captain Goldman was a young, dark-haired, exceedingly bright woman. Unlike many young military personnel, she felt no particular need to talk up her exploits, preferring to watch and carefully assess a situation before intervening.


Captain Sarah Goldman rose rapidly in Alliance Intelligence through a rare combination of ambition, intelligence, and a willingness to get her hands dirty. Unlike some fellow Intelligence officers, she had actually done field-work. She specifically requested a berth on the Alliance frigate SSV Agincourt, as it was operating in the Skyllian Verge. This request resulted in action during the Skyllian Blitz, and she took part in the subsequent Torfan campaign.

Captain Goldman was sent to lead the Alliance mission to recover the data stolen by thief Keiji Okuda, data held encrypted in a copy of Keiji’s graybox being sold at the estate sale of Donovan Hock. When the Eclipse mercenaries present tried to harass and arrest her in the midst of the bidding for the data, Goldman realized she had to resort to plan B, namely two squads of Alliance marines who sought to seize the data by force. Although Shadow Broker agents got to the data first and her mission was a failure, she survived to fight another day.

That day came when she was placed in charge of a high-priority prison transport. She was to clandestinely ship the master thief Kasumi Goto from Arcturus Station to a facility in Vancouver, on Earth. She assembled a dozen Alliance security personnel, and requested special security in the form of some N-series marines. Unknown to her Alliance superiors, however, Captain Goldman was a Cerberus agent. She was assured by the Illusive Man’s people that the N-series marines would also be Cerberus, and that a cell of operatives would be available on Arcturus Station.

The plan was to let the cell take out the Alliance security, then she, the cell, and the two marines would transport Kasumi not to Earth, but to a Cerberus base. Unknown to her, the N-series marines she got were Shadow Broker agents Tyler Maddox and Melsany Ward.

They sabotaged the transport ship in the vastness of space and, with another undercover agent infiltrated into the Arcturus cell, Aleksandr Davidson, was ultimately defeated. While she was initially captured, Melsany shot her through the head.

Captain Sarah Goldman

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