Circe T'Siri

Asari Diplomat, Businesswoman, Spy, and Shadow Broker Agent-at-Large


Circe is beautiful even for an Asari, with a lithe, symmetrical form, almond-shaped eyes, perfect nose and lips, and a perpetual expression that crosses mischievous and sultry. She tends to dress appropriately to the occasion, but often showing just slightly more skin than necessary. Her clothes are always excellently tailored and flattering to her form.

She is exquisitely aware of all of this, and cultivates it.


Circe T’Siri is many things to many people… friend, lover, consort, agent, asset, ally, enemy… her contacts span the length and breadth of the galaxy, and her elegant blue fingers are always in a multitude of pies.

Even those people who know that she is a high-ranking Shadow Broker Agent-at-Large wonder if the Broker is just one more of her endless shifting associations.

Circe is the one who recruited Dariserix Bahktian into the Shadow Broker’s ranks, having hired the Turian biotic as a bodyguard a number of times over the years for increasingly complex assignments.

Circe T'Siri

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