Colonel Raymond Ashe

Cerberus Operative


Cerberus Officer under General Petrovsky.

Ashe was first encountered by operatives of Lachesis Cell in the VIP portion of the Afterlife nightclub where he was conducting clandestine business and keeping an eye on a bevy of drunken junior officers. He himself did not become involved.

When next they saw him, he was making an all-Omega broadcast claiming the station in the name of Cerberus, and promising to clean up the Adjutant menace for the security and safety of all, provided every citizen of Omega obeyed Cerberus rules.

Lachesis cell responded to this by stealing his personal ship, the Prometheus, a Cerberus stealth frigate built on the same pattern as the Normandy SR2 (but without quite all the bells and whistles).

Colonel Raymond Ashe

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