Daphne Asada

The six o'clock alarm would never ring.


Daphne Jeanne Asada.

Consummate Alliance marine, ICT graduate (she even earned her N7 designation during the Eden Prime War), one-time face of the ICT program’s magnificent marketing arm. The rumor is she retired from active service at only 26 years due to narcolepsy and cataplexy induced by late-blooming complications with her L2 bio-amps, and then stayed onboard so They could plaster her face on hundreds of recruiting posters and record her for video and audio adverts and trot her out for public appearances where they needed a Star-Spangled (Wo)Man With A Plan.

After all, Shepard was dead during her two years in the spotlight. Daphne wasn’t ever going to be the hero of the Citadel, but she was a living, breathing, talking, highly photogenic traveling picture show with a distinguished record of her own. Shepard inspired the galaxy, but Lieutenant Asada could shake your hand at the recruiting booth.

She left that life abruptly in 2086.

Call her “Sleepy Jean” at your own peril.

Daphne Asada

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