Darvin Maddox

C-Sec Captain


Darvin was a good-looking, smooth-talking law-and-order sort of officer.


Darvin joined C-Sec out of Zakera Ward where he was always skirting the edge of poverty. Then-Captain Bailey saw something in the young man and recruited him. Darvin was a charismatic, competent C-Sec officer, uncovering plots, conspiracies, and sabotage by any number of groups and organizations.

When Captain Bailey was promoted to Commander, he elevated Maddox to replace him as Captain of Zakera Ward.

A few years ago, he uncovered one plot by a Salarian terrorist ex-STG named Saelan Corl. Saelan was a wanted man at the Citadel ever since.

Of course, the real reason Saelan was hunted was that he had uncovered the secret truth that Darvin Maddox was secretly a Cerberus operative.

In Udina’s attempted coup, Maddox played the part of loyal C-Sec Captain right up until he came face to face with Saelan again. He then turned and nearly executed his supposed mentor Bailey before being himself gunned down and taken into custody.

Darvin Maddox

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