Donovan Hock

Arms Dealer, War Profiteer


Donovan Hock was a ruthless arms trader and war profiteer. He amassed immense wealth by entering into arms contracts at a loss in peaceful parts of space shortly before conflicts would erupt making his contracts extremely lucrative. His ability to predict areas of conflict was his most impressive skill, and many of his rivals suspected he had a hand in creating many of those conflicts.

Hock loved to live large. Notwithstanding his immense wealth and business savvy, his expenses often outstripped his means. He had an elaborate collection of art and cultural artifacts from across the galaxy, amassing a priceless collection guarded by state-of-the-art security and a veritable army of contracted Eclipse mercenaries.

When Hock’s agents learned that a thief named Keiji Okuda had stolen classified Alliance intel that could start a war between the Alliance and the Batarians, Hock saw a jackpot. If he could own and manipulate that data, he could increase his wealth tenfold by selling to both sides. He spent a fortune tracking down Okuda, capturing him, and taking the neural implants known as a “graybox” containing all of Okuda’s memories and stolen data. The process killed Okuda, unfortunately, leaving the graybox encrypted.

Hock knew that it would take far too long to break graybox encryption by brute force, so he conceived of a trap for Keiji’s partner, Kasumi Goto, using the graybox itself as bait, and a cocktail party for the galaxy’s most wealthy and ruthless as the setting. He hid a small army of Eclipse nearby to catch Kasumi in the act.

Unfortunately for Hock, he did not account for Kasumi’s resourcefulness in bringing along an ally of her own. Hock’s private army was laid low and Hock himself was ultimately killed as Kasumi and her N7 commando ally made their escape.

Hock is survived by his only child, daughter Kimberly.

Donovan Hock

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