Ela Variss

"Procurement Officer" for the Digeris Defense Initiative


Ela Variss is a female Volus (not that anyone could tell until she gave her contact information to Dariserix). She wears the typical exo-suit required of all Volus on a Turian station.


Parts of Atropos Squad met Ela Variss in a seedy bar on the Turian shipyard station of Legion IX. Dariserix noticed that the Volus apparently had some tech built into her exo-suit that appeared to incorporate a parabolic microphone of some sort. Engaging her in conversation revealed a polite Volus who claimed to be a “broker” and intermediary for a corporation set up by the Turian colony of Digeris to develop a new planetary defense system. She and Dariserix politely exchanged contact information.

Ela Variss

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