Fael Vasir

Daughter and Agent of Matriarch Alannah Vasir


Fael is a light-skinned Asari with well-honed biotic abilities.


Fael Vasir is one of her mother’s most trusted agents. As a result, the Matriarch can trust Fael with certain… sensitive, and perhaps not altogether legal efforts, such as the abduction of Tyler Maddox from the Citadel.

Sadly, Fael did not count on Tyler’s friends getting to him so quickly. She was defeated, primarily by Aleksandr Davidson’s … unusual biotic abilities, and captured.

Upon being revived, she demonstrated genuine terror of Aleksandr, calling him an “ardat yakshi,” a term which supposedly only applies to an obscure Asari mutation. Apparently there is something about the biotic power he used on her which sparked the comparison. Atropos Squad ultimately let her go with her promise to report her failure to her mother, and bother them no more.

Fael Vasir

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