General Adrien Victus

Turian Hierarchy Military Advisor to the Primarch of Taetrus


General Victus has a long and storied career in the Turian Military but is most recently famous for his cunning if non-standard tactics during the war against the separatists on Taetrus. After the war, he was the general chosen to stay behind as “Military Advisor” to the Primarch of Taetrus, Idus Valen. General rumor indicates this was because his lateral thinking during the war caused unease among the hierarchy brass on Palaven and giving him this post was a way to simultaneously reward him and keep him far from the homeworld.

When the Reapers attacked Taetrus, General Victus rapidly organized a military response. He sacrificed what resources he had to evacuate civilians to the relay, then took personal charge of the ground war.

General Adrien Victus

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