Primarch Gaius Corinthus

Primarch of Palaven


General Corinthus was in charge of Turian naval operations during the War on Taetrus. He was in the midst of phasing back most fleet vessels through the Trebin relay when the Reapers attacked. He spent his ships as dearly as possible to cover civilian evacuation, ultimately finding himself grounded on Taetrus itself coordinating with General Adrien Victus.

Little did he know that his grand-daughter Fortuna was coming to his aid. She and Lachesis cell extracted him to Menae in time for him to do his part in orchestrating the defense of Palaven.

Sadly, the Turians were woefully unprepared for the Reapers. In the carnage, Primarch Fedorian and a great many of his successors died. Finding himself unexpectedly Primarch of Palaven, he was forced to leave his world to negotiate on its behalf for alliances against the Reapers.

Primarch Gaius Corinthus

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