Hela Loriss

Asari Pilot and Linguist


Hela Loriss was a young Asari, just shy of her first century.


Hela, like most of the young Asari aboard the Twilight, was an Asari Commando, or Commando-in-Training. Also like most of the Asari aboard the Twilight she served multiple functions. In Hela’s case, she was the ship’s shuttle pilot.

Hela’s personal academic hobby was galactic linguistics. She was particularly fascinated by the complex VI-powered technology behind the ubiquitous translator omni-tool implants and the development that went into translating not only the meaning of words, but also the cultural and historical context across the boundaries of species who evolved on drastically different worlds.

Hela died flying her shuttle, drawing a Reaper harvester away from her ground team as they escorted nearly twenty civilians to the Twilight during the Reaper extermination of the colony of Benning.

Hela Loriss

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