Helena Blake

Former Crime Lord and Social Worker


In 2183, Helena Blake was part of a criminal triumvirate presiding over a growing network of pirates, smugglers, slavers, and drug-runners. Blake was always the social “face” of the three, spending much of her time on the Citadel or other areas of social and political influence, where she specialized in recruiting, bribery, and blackmail. When her two partners started stepping up their slavery and Red Sand operations, however, Blake became uncomfortable with the direction the syndicate was going. When she encountered the first Human Spectre on the Citadel, she saw her chance to eliminate her erstwhile partners and seize control of the organization.

She pointed the Spectre toward her business partners, but even Blake wasn’t prepared for just how… thorough the Spectre would be in eliminating her partners and their subordinates. When the Spectre then hunted her down in turn, she realized that she was staring death in the face. She swore to renounce her criminal empire and “go legit” in exchange for her life, although she realizes that rebuilding the shattered syndicate would have been difficult in any case.

In the subsequent couple years, she used her social acumen and knowledge of the criminal underworld to set herself up on Omega as a social worker. She is, genuinely, a social worker, but she is also a high-ranking agent of the Shadow Broker. The Broker provides her with intel and secrets that let her aid the needy on Omega, and in exchange she feeds intel she learns back to the Broker and helps organize some of his resources on Omega. She sees no fundamental conflict between her new calling, her service to the Broker, and her promise to that human Spectre to go legit.

Helena Blake

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