Henry Lawson

Wealthy Human Businessman


Henry Lawson was an early investor in Conatix Industries, and the darkest corporate rumors attribute his ruthlessness to the suspected company policy of purposefully orchestrating Element Zero “accidents” to increase human biotic development rates. Conatix shut down shortly after the closure of the BaAT program, but by then Lawson had all the data he needed to safely create a secondary-exposure scenario for his daughter/experiment Miranda.

Henry Lawson’s money is invested and hidden in insanely complex corporate and financial structures throughout human galactic society. He was an early supporter of Cerberus, although he withdrew support for a long period when the organization was protecting and harboring Miranda.

He keeps his whereabouts a carefully guarded secret, preferring to act through agents and proxies. He is thought to have a significant interest in Aleksandr Davidson, having noticed him in BaAT, and seeing the potential in his unusual biotic capabilities.

Henry Lawson

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