Jondum Bau

Salarian SPECTRE


Jondum Bau is a Salarian, with the typical quick mind, rapid speech, and sheer intelligence of the species. He also moves with the tactical skill of a trained operative.


Jondum Bau was encountered at the estate sale of Donovan Hock. When approached by Shadow Broker agents, he admitted an interest in the copy of Keiji Okuda’s graybox. He was able to reach a mutually beneficial agreement with Barla Von, and did not interfere in the rest of the evening’s shenanigans.

Atropos Cell, along with their clone of Commander Shepard, encountered Bau again in the Citadel Council Archives as they attempted to make their escape after updating “Shepard’s” biometric data with that of the clone. Although Bau may suspect some of what they were up to, he cut them a deal to look the other way in exchange for them owing him a favor.

Jondum Bau

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