Jorgal Nask

Krogan Battlemaster and Mercenary


Nask is pushing a thousand years old and has settled somewhat compared to younger, more violent Krogan. He’s still very dangerous however.


Nask of the Clan Jorgal is a Battlemaster-for-Hire using Omega as a Port-of-Call. In his younger days, he was one of “The Patriarch’s” lieutenants. When Aria T’Loak defeated Patriarch, Nask couldn’t quite bring himself to transfer his loyalties. He bears no hard feelings toward Aria, but ever since he has been an independent operator.

Past-times include: fighting, drinking, & training varren to win fights.

Nask recently returned to Omega and fell in with Zaeed Massani and was helping Massani recruit muscle for his revenge plans against Cerberus. Nask was happy to include his friend Tessara Eris in the plan.

Nask, Massani, and Lachesis cell stole Colonel Raymond Ashe’s personal ship for a jaunt through the Omega-4 relay.

Jorgal Nask

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