Ka'hairal Balak

Commander, Batarian External Forces


In 2183, Commander Balak, working undercover for the Batarian External Forces, hired Batarian slavers and mercenaries for a covert operation to destroy the human colony of Terra Nova. The BEF had learned that the colonists had begun the process of moving a large asteroid, dubbed X57, from elsewhere in the Asgard system for the purpose of turning it into a satellite for Terra Nova to be mined for its resources and then turned into an orbital station.

Balak, with his slavers and mercenaries, attacked asteroid X57 en-route with the intention of crashing the asteroid into Terra Nova, killing everyone in the colony, and also effectively killing the planet. Balak successfully seized the asteroid, but the slavers and mercenaries he hired as a cover turned out to be unreliable. When SPECTRE and Alliance Commander Shepard arrived on the asteroid, many of Balak’s slavers chose to cut and run. They signed on for a quick slave grab, not a crusade.

As for Balak himself, he successfully negotiated an escape from the asteroid with Shepard by holding the human engineers and scientists hostage with explosive devices. He is currently wanted by the Citadel and the Systems Alliance and remains at large.

He recently contacted the Shadow Broker network indicating he had Batarian state secrets to sell. The Broker has dispatched Atropos Cell to investigate.

Ka'hairal Balak

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