Kaidan Alenko

Second Human SPECTRE


Major Kaidan Alenko, second human Spectre, commander of the Normandy, has been honored and haunted to walk in the footsteps of Commander Jane Shepard. When she failed to return from the Omega-4 relay, he resigned himself to the knowledge that his unrequited love was dead.

With Shepard gone, Councilor Udina was able to elevate another human Spectre fairly rapidly to fill the void. Alenko was the obvious choice. He has never quite got over the idea that he is “second best” and was rushed through so that the Councilor could have a token human among the Spectres.

When he was given the refit Normandy as his ship, the feeling of filling Shepard’s shoes got even stronger.

And then, in the midst of the Reaper invasion of earth, sent desperately to Mars to recover vital data, Alenko came face to face with Shepard again.

She was fighting alongside Liara T’soni, a thorn of jealousy that still hurt even after all this time. It took every ounce of diplomacy that Liara, and Atropos Cell, had to convince him that this new clone of Shepard was up to the task of being the figurehead the galaxy needs her to be.

And so Kaidan swallowed his pride. He introduced the once-again-resurrected Shepard to the Council. He played his part in the grand charade that was the myth-construction of Commander Shepard. He is the ever-present guide and councilor to a clone who needs daily help remembering who “Shepard” even is.

Once again overshadowed, once again in the presence of the woman he loves but can never have.

Kaidan Alenko

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