Keiji Okuda

Master Thief


Keiji was a master thief who specialized in data and identity theft, although he did occasionally involve himself in art heists. His most daring job was the creation and assumption of the identity of Alliance Admiral Abraham Rumoi. As Rumoi, Keiji infiltrated the highest levels of Alliance Intelligence, ultimately stealing classified information on a wide array of Alliance operations, both historical and ongoing. “Rumoi” was caught and put on trial, but Keiji escaped, abandoned the guise, and Abraham Rumoi vanished.

Some of the intelligence Keiji stole, however, was too hot for him to handle, and could conceivably start a war between the Alliance and the Batarian Hegemony. Keiji was hunted by the agents of multiple organizations, ultimately to be captured and killed by ruthless war profiteer Donovan Hock, who took Keiji’s “graybox” containing all the data Keiji had stolen. Hock, however, was unable to break the graybox’s encryption, leading to an elaborate trap for Keiji’s partner, Kasumi Goto…

Keiji Okuda

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