Kimberly Hock



Kimberly Hock is a young woman, barely twenty. She has had her hair genetically altered to black, and dresses like a woman halfway between angsty adolescence and messed-up adult, with moments of ruthless grace.


Kimberly Hock is the only child of Donovan Hock, infamous arms dealer and war-profiteer. As the heiress to Hock’s entire estate, she has inherited the unfortunate job of paying off Hock’s many creditors, both legitimate and shady, as well as keeping all the other interested parties at bay in hopes that her father’s estate sale won’t result in too much bloodshed.

When violence erupted between her own Eclipse mercenaries and the Systems Alliance delegation, Kimberly fled to the protection of agents of the Shadow Broker, including Operative Tyler Maddox, whom she had enjoyed carnal relations earlier in the night. She decided to put her financial future in the hands of famed financial advisor Barla Von, who helped her keep nearly all the proceeds of the auction thanks to loopholes in Bekenstein’s bankruptcy laws.

Kimberly Hock

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