Salarian STG Operative


Ladron is a rare female Salarian in the high-risk occupation of STG Operative.


Ladron has no clan name. The clan to which she was born, and the clan she may have ultimately had a chance to lead as Dalatrass, was a small one, and absorbed politically by a rival when she was still young. Without a political destiny, she entered the STG, an honorable calling for any Salarian.

Ladron was part of Aegohr Team under Captain Kirrahe during the STG assault on rogue SPECTRE Saren’s secret base on Virmire. She held the line with the best of them, and was one of the very few to survive.

The experience was a mixed one for her. On the one hand, it was the first time she fought under the command of an Alliance soldier. SPECTRE Shepard had assigned Ashley Williams to support the Salarian assault, and Captain Kirrahe assigned the Gunnery Chief to lead Aegohr Team. Although Ladron sensed initial misgivings from the human, when the gunfire started, she led her team admirably and fought with the tenacity of a Krogan, taking wounds that may have otherwise felled Ladron’s Salarian companions.

Aegohr Team was eventually pinned down and Williams called on Shepard of Shadow Team for help. While Shepard was en route, Lieutenant Alenko, who was guarding the bomb to destroy the facility, also came under heavy fire.

Ladron doesn’t blame Shepard for choosing Alenko. It’s the choice she would have made, even though that choice resulted in the deaths of nearly the entirety of Aegohr Team. Only Ladron and her fellow Salarian, Saelan Corl survived.

Unlike Corl, Ladron is not disillusioned with the STG, and continues to serve her people.


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