Liara T'soni

Archaeologist, Shadow Broker Agent


Liara was involved in the death of Shadow Broker ally, Spectre Tela Vasir, on Illium a little more than half a year ago. Since then, she has effectively disappeared from public records.

She apparently made up with the Broker, however, as she is now in his service at a seemingly high level.

She traveled with Atropos Cell for a while, visiting Kahje and trying to beat Cerberus to secret Prothean data at a number of other sites. She and the clone of Shepard then went on to Mars while Atropos Cell pursued other business elsewhere. Atropos Cell eventually had to rescue her and Shepard from the Mars Prothean archives during a Cerberus attack. Atropos Cell now knows that, somehow, Liara IS the Shadow Broker.

Liara T'soni

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