Matriarch Aethyta

Asari Matriarch and Bartender


Matriarch Aethyta noticed the Broker’s squad enter her Ilium establishment Eternity… more specifically, she noticed the crystalline paperweight carried openly by Lia’Danna, and reacted strongly to it.

When Lia’Danna inquired, Aethyta responded with the question: “Where’s Liara?” Upon seeing Lia’s bewilderment, she nodded, confirming that Lia did not know much about the object she carried, and offered to buy it from the Quarian for free food and drink suitable to her species for as long as she was in Nos Astra.

She revealed that it was a holographic projection device containing images, basically a holographic photo album, belonging to the person who owned the information broker Nyxeris’s office a few months ago. What Aethyta’s interest in this “Liara” might be, or why this Matriarch bartender cared about her old photo album, they did not discover.

Some time later, when visiting the Presidium on the Citadel to meet with Dr. T’Soni, they noticed the Matriarch tending to Apollo’s Cafe. She remembered Lia. Why she had left her establishment on Ilium was not revealed.

Ultimately, however, these mysteries unraveled. It was discovered that Aethyta was Liara’s father, and had been sent by powerful Asari political factions to keep an eye on her dangerous daughter. Father and daughter finally had a conversation together, and have begun building a tentative relationship.

Matriarch Aethyta

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