Miilana Varon



On those rare occasions when Miilana wants to be seen, she’s a gray-blue Asari with hard, ruthless eyes.


Miilana, like many Asari maidens, spent a century as a commando, learning the irregular warfare her people specialize in. Unlike most, however, she found a deep talent and passion for the more… clandestine aspects of the role, taking on higher and higher risk covert infiltration and assassination missions. This eventually caught the eye of the Asari Councilor who arranged for her to be granted SpecTRe status.

Unlike some other Spectres like Tela Vasir or Jondum Bau who lean more toward the investigative side of the job, Miilana thrives in obscurity, often being called in by her fellow Spectres when a softer approach fails. She is entirely willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of the Citadel and the Council.

There is one incident involving a successful mission where she was almost killed by a human asset requisitioned for the job. She doesn’t talk about it, but it left her in medical care for weeks, and resulted in her trying to … acquire… said asset when he re-appeared on the Citadel some years later.

The attempted ambush and capture of Aleksandr Davidson did not go exactly as planned, but at least she walked away from it unwounded this time…

Miilana Varon

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