Rana Thanoptis

Asari Neuroscientist


Rana Thanoptis was a brilliant young Asari neuroscientist. She was recruited by Saren Arterius more than three years ago to work in his secret Virmire facility studying the indoctrination process of Saren’s flagship and AI “ally” Sovereign. She rapidly realized that she, herself, would rapidly become indoctrinated if she did not flee. Fortunately Commander Shepard gave her that chance before destroying the Virmire facility.

Two years later, Shepard again encountered Thanoptis, this time on the junkyard planet of Korlus where she was helping the Krogan warlord Okeer create neural imprinting methods to create minds from the mental blank slates of Okeer’s tank-bred Krogan clones. This cutting-edge process was made possible thanks to her research on Virmire into Sovereign’s indoctrination. Once again, she fled as Shepard destroyed the lab.

A little more than a half-year later, the Shadow Broker’s Atropos squad sought out Thanoptis, who was now working for former Cerberus operative Maya Brooks on re-creating the mind of Commander Shepard and imprinting it onto a vat-grown clone of the Commander. Brooks sought to create her own “Shepard” and usurp Shepard’s identity and Spectre status for her own aims. Atropos Squad killed Brooks and stole Thanoptis and the still non-sentient Shepard-clone.

When they brought Dr. Liara T’Soni aboard to look at the Shepard clone, Liara, in a fit of sudden rage, killed Rana Thanoptis, claiming she was indoctrinated.

Rana Thanoptis

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