Sarah Bryer (a.k.a. Stephanie Briggs)

Cerberus Agent turned Shadow Broker Asset


Sarah is classically attractive, confident, and carries herself with a certain aplomb even in the face of severe danger.


Sarah, under her old name of Stephanie Briggs, worked on the Turian shipyard station of Legion IX for a mostly-Turian information brokerage network specializing in military contractors, corporations, and government agents. She would work the working-class bars and clubs chatting up the “fresh meat” to learn who they worked for and any other details she could while draining their expense accounts on free drinks. She worked her way into the trust of her employers to the point where she had sufficient records access to use a surprising facility with software hacking to download a list of her employers’ diverse investments. She then sent that list via encrypted comm-net transmission to an unknown party. Her employers found her out, however, and imprisoned her. She proved surprisingly resistant to interrogation.

Her employers were allies of Dariserix Bahktian, however, and she and her Shadow Broker squad came to Legion IX. In their conversation with Stephanie they were able to offer her employment with the Broker if she would flip on her previous employer. They demonstrated their own credentials by pulling up a partial dossier on Stephanie Briggs, provided remotely via Omni-Tool by Barla Von.

It would appear that Stephanie, under her original name, graduated from Harvard with a degree in Xenopsychology and wrote a number of papers on Turian military psychology for a number of academic publications. That person vanished from all records about five years ago. “Stephanie” was impressed that they could dig that supposedly-buried info up so quickly, and finally caved in. She revealed that she was a Cerberus agent, and that the Illusive Man would have her killed if her betrayal became known. Dar and her squad conceived of a plan to smuggle their new turncoat out of the station, which they did.

Now under yet another name, “Sarah Bryer” works for Feron.

Sarah Bryer (a.k.a. Stephanie Briggs)

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