Admiral Tali'Zorah vas Normandy

Quarian Engineer and Geth Expert


Tali’Zora nar Rayya vas Neema lost her ship name by decision of the Admiralty board prior to her highly politicized trial for treason. She was given instead the ship-name vas Normandy, a human ship, which was seen by many of her people to be an insult.

After she and Shepard exonerated her and exposed the political maneuvering of the Admiralty board, she chose to keep the name as badge of honor, and to make a point to her people. She then went on to accompany Shepard beyond the Omega-4 relay. When the Normandy limped back, she was not on it. She, along with Shepard, were presumed lost.

Zaeed Massani, one of the few survivors aboard the Normandy, disembarked at Omega and proceeded to put together the resources to try for a rescue mission for any other possible survivors. He recruited some mercs under Jorgal Nask, as well as Lachesis Squad, they stole a Cerberus stealth frigate with the necessary F&F system to access the Omega-4 relay, and went back through. They found a Cerberus research facility full of reaper-tech experiments, but also found, in the medical wing, Tali’Zorah. They rescued her and are now returning her to her people.


Admiral Tali'Zorah vas Normandy

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