Zael'Danna nar Twilight

Newly Emergent Artificial Intelligence


Zael is housed in state-of-the-art Asari-manufactured nitrogen-cooled quantum computing arrays. He is already outgrowing his hardware like a growing boy should.


Zael’Danna is the name given to the newly-born AI created by Lia’Danna vas Rayya. She took salvaged fragments from the murderous Cerberus AI called EVA, along with the Reaper-salvaged code that Cerberus used to give their AIs such complexity, and integrated those pieces within a custom-built VR framework “creche” provided by EDI. This, along with some eccentric aid from Melsany Ward, a lot of finesse, some intuition, a batch of luck, and the direct intercession of EDI herself in guiding the emergent new intelligence, resulted in Zael’s birth.

Zael'Danna nar Twilight

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