Mass Effect - Apocalypse

A Disarming Situation
Lachesis Cell - Tuchanka / Aralakh System

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Origin ID: Saelan Corl

Recipient: Feron, Alingon

  • Prepared for mission to secure and disarm Turian planet-cracker bomb. Studied and disseminated technical schematics and Turian military codes to squad.
  • Received Turian special forces squad led by Lt. Julian Corinthus, elder brother to Operative Fortuna Corinthus, and grandson of the Primarch.
  • Our squad and the Lt.’s squad crammed into a Cerberus kodiak shuttle still in our possession from previous boarding attempt. Plan:
    • Avoid ancient Krogan defensive ground-to-orbit cannon recently secured and reactivated by Cerberus by entering atmosphere outside the Kelphic valley, and flying in low under cannon’s targeting arc.
    • Utilize Cerberus codes via ADaM to avoid fire until we hit the ground site.
    • Clear ground site, utilize Primarch’s military clearance to de-activate bomb.
  • Plan hit complication. While entering Kelphic valley, Reaper Harvesters attacked.
  • Operative Tessara Eris opted to dive to use cover of ruins to shake harvesters. Ground to air fire in the ruins caused us to crash. Operative Eris most effective at minimizing crash damage.
  • Established ground presence. Our squad and Turian squad fought incoming waves of Reaper troops. Operative Corinthus disabled the one harvester who had followed us all the way down. Operative Eris and I repaired damaged Mass Effect thruster. Took significant radiation burns in process.
  • Despite wounds, squads retreated back into repaired shuttle. Operative Eris navigated us clear of the ruins.
  • As we approached bomb site, more than a dozen Cerberus shuttles departing in haste. Realized time was of essence.
  • Landed at bomb site. Faced a single Cerberus Atlas. Destroyed it.
  • Entered military codes. Cerberus had encrypted the system. Penetrated encryption easily. Mechanical failure in trigger release. Operative Prasi Ptychokota scaled the structure and manually released it. Operative Aldous Tyd prevented her from plummeting to her death with biotic field.
  • Bomb disarmed, dropped into excavated pit. As squad discussed how to retrieve it, were confronted by Galron Karmos, leader of about a dozen Krogan of Clan Galron. Operative Braga talked them out of immediate violence, pointed out bomb we had just disarmed, identified herself with “Urdnot” clan name.
  • Krogan noted age of bomb, inquired. Decided the time had come to smooth old wounds, informed them Turians had placed it.
  • Tensions between Krogan and our Turian squad escalated. I de-escalated with impassioned speech calculated to appeal to primitive Krogan sensibilities and Turian military honor. Allowed Clan Galron to take the bomb.
  • Our squads retreated into orbit, blending in with other fleeing Cerberus shuttles.
  • Once back aboard the Orpheus, Primarch Gaius Corinthus and Urdnot Wrex came aboard separately.
  • Operative Braga informed Wrex of bomb and current situation. Operative Corinthus did same for her grandfather. Two exchanged words, but seemed to reach an accord.
  • I went aboard Normandy at invitation of Dr. Mordin Solus. Had some loose ends, odd leads, speculation about Reaper involvement in Genophage development, noted intuitive similarities with Reaper-inspired plague spread by Collectors on Omega. Noted existence of Collectors implies long-term, covert Reaper involvement in the affairs of each cycle.
  • Spoke briefly with Liara T’soni. She noted that we still have a few days before genophage cure ready enough to begin discussing implementation. Asked as personal favor that we investigate monastery on planet Lesuss in the Mesana system. Asari commando squad apparently vanished investigating lack of communication with monastery.
  • Discussion with crew revealed hints about the danger of the inhabitants of this monastery. Apparently residents suffer from “Ardat-Yakshi” genetic mutation. This revelation significantly rattled Operative Eris who appears to have a nearly superstitious dread of “Ardat-Yakshi.”
  • I bolstered Operative Eris’ courage with sage medical advice. Plotting course for Lesuss now.
The Darkness Breached
Atropos Cell - Citadel / Aralakh System

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Reporting Officer: Dariserix Bahktian, Squad Leader, Atropos Cell, Captain of the Twilight

Routed via Operative Circe T’Siri


As instructed, we brought Dr. Ann Bryson and our Collector prisoner to the Citadel. Operatives Aleksandr Davidson and Lia’Danna vas Rayya, along with Javik, interrogated it. Apparently, the Collectors are the bio-engineered remnants of indoctrinated Protheans from the end of the last cycle. Once the Reaper harvest was over, they engineered their surviving slaves into what seem like mindless drones, following the will of a Reaper called “Harbinger.” This particular drone managed to escape the fate of the rest of them because something else took over, something “cold and dark” filled the drone where Harbinger’s will had been “hot and bright.” This cold and dark presence was abruptly removed right about the time I was shooting the spherical artifact held by Dr. Bryson’s companion. Needless to say, considering Aleksandr’s recent experiences, this was cause for some concern.

Lia’Danna began carefully growing a seed AI from the remnants of “Eva” using the VR creche provided by EDI. She monitored this project throughout our return to the Citadel, as well as for the entirely of the week we spent there getting Thanix cannons installed and waiting for Task Force Aurora to be ready for the next step in finding their “Leviathan.” We took the opportunity to restock our supplies of munitions and weaponry. We now have one of the early models of the M-490 Blackstorm:


Javik seemed most impressed by the Citadel. Operative Thesalia Kyrathis took him on a whirlwind tour that included encountering an itinerant hanar preacher on the presidium. Javik took this opportunity to use the religious awe in which the hanar view him to seed the notion of war against the Reapers as religious duty. This unsurprisingly resulted in an invitation to visit the hanar embassy. Operative Kyrathis, alongside Operative Sebastian Murphy, accompanied Javik to meet the hanar ambassador. Javik was attacked by a hanar and a drell at the meeting. This was clearly the act of indoctrinated individuals. As the fight concluded, SPecTRe Jondum Bau arrived with C-sec officers. He had been tracking the indoctrinated hanar mentioned in the files of Operation Dispater, known to the Alliance as Regards the Works of the Enkindlers in Despair. He had apparently been infiltrated into the hanar embassy. Bau took the badly wounded hanar into custody while the ambassador made extreme gestures to placate their angry god.

Operative Melsany Ward expressed a desire to use her scientific intuition on a larger scale to help the war effort. I spoke with Agent Circe T’Siri and was able to get her transferred to the Crucible project. I suspect she’ll be very happy there.

Ultimately, Task Force Aurora were ready, and Aleksandr, Sebastian, Tori’Xen vas Alarei, Javik and I escorted our Collector prisoner to their lab. Apparently they had a plan to track their “Leviathan” and needed someone who had been actively possessed. At first, Dr. Ilena Davidson asked her brother to do it, but he had the plan of using the Collector as a test subject. Needless to say, the various scientists who had recently come under Collector attack were a little flustered, but soon the experiment was under way. Dr. Bryson and Dr. Farley spoke some theory at us about biological QEC systems and the spheres being some sort of node for remote dark-energy manipulation, but I assume if you want the scientific details you can get them from the Task Force or Admiral Hackett. Basically the plan was to unshield the sphere and let it take control of someone, then use some specialized equipment to track the signal back to its source.

The plan worked reasonably well. The Collector was possessed, although there was some concern that the entity on the other end of the sphere might well have possessed any one of the rest of us. It re-iterated its insistence that the “darkness must not be breached.” Dr. Farley, however, had other plans, and worked diligently at his systems to track the signal. Tori’Xen prevented the possessed Collector from using biotics to destroy the equipment while Aleksandr and Sebastian began interrogating the possessed collector. Ultimately we reached a bargain. It seems that the “Leviathan” was concerned, above all, about being tracked down and found, because that would expose it to Reaper discovery. We promised to stop tracking it in exchange for answers.

I’ll attach a full transcript of the discussion with this report. In summary, the Leviathan claimed to be the descendant of an ancient and biotically powerful species that had, effectively, enslaved every other sentient race in the galaxy, controlling them remotely via these spheres. Their dominance was sufficiently complete that they sought to harness evolution itself to create for them more useful, more capable servants. They created an Intelligence with the mandate of managing the evolutionary process galaxy-wide. Unfortunately for Leviathan’s ancestors, the Intelligence came to the conclusion that galaxy-wide stifling slavery was antithetical to efficient evolution and it turned on them, slaughtering its creators and using their genetic material to construct the first Reaper, Harbinger. According to the Leviathan, the Reapers are part of a galactic system of fine-tuning evolution, seeking to foster conditions where galactic life can reach a stable apex. The Leviathan seemed to hesitantly speculate that perhaps our own galactic civilization, which avoids the extremes of galactic autocracy or galactic anarchy, might have reached the right balance between control and chaos to achieve the Intelligence’s design. Apparently each individual Reaper is also the distilled essence of an entire species from some prior cycle. The Intelligence uses these… living libraries as a reference framework in manipulating evolutionary development from cycle to cycle.

That was all interesting in theory I suppose, but we sought to turn the conversation to how Leviathan might help us against the Reapers. It claimed that it could disrupt Reaper control over their ground-soldiers if our teams could infiltrate those spheres behind enemy lines. Although it claims that its own ancestors did disable the Reaper known as the Leviathan of Dis, taking out a full-sized Reaper requires a lot of them, a lot of power, and a lot of spheres, and they are not the magic reaper-killer bullet that was hoped for.

Once the Thanix cannons are installed, we will rendezvous with Dr. Liara T’soni in the Aralakh system to provide a more full report. I believe Lia’Danna wishes to engage the help of the Normandy’s shipboard AI to accelerate her own project.

Dariserix Bahktian

Sur'Kesh Invaded
Lachesis Cell - Sur'Kesh / Aralakh System

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Origin ID: Saelan Corl

Recipient: Feron, Alingon

Written report to supplement verbal report given in person to Dr. Liara T’soni

  • Plan as earlier reported went off well. Rendezvoused with Major Kirrahe who smoothed the plan notwithstanding our lack of credentials to be at the base.
    • Side note: Salarians apparently working on a captive Yahg. Troubling implications.
  • In lab, met with Dr. Mordin Solus and Dr. Padok Wiks.
  • All cured Krogan females were dead except for one. We revealed our ruse and prepared to free the female and fight our way past hostile Salarian forces.
  • Before hostilities could erupt, Sur’Kesh invaded by Reapers.
    • Subharmonic and aural audio blasts from Reaper capitol ship
    • Impact events as multiple drop pods impacted facility filled with Reaper troops
    • Uplift facility clearly one of many priority targets for Reapers
    • Attack coincided with personal attack on me by one of the scientists. No reason for personal attack forthcoming. Possible indoctrination, perhaps simply jumpy in stressful circumstances.
  • Dr. Solus abandoned initial plan of riding Krogan female’s cell up the loading elevator to the landing pad. Freed female from cell, accompanied us up emergency ladder.
  • Engaged Reaper forces swarming the facility.
  • Made it halfway to landing pad before Reaper capitol ship cut facility in half. Collapsing rubble nearly killed some of us, badly wounded Major Kirrahe.
  • Fought off Reaper troops while Operative Tessara Eris brought the shuttle into extraction position.
  • Crashing Salarian cruiser nearly prevented escape / survival. Did distract Reaper enough for us to get aboard.
  • Carefully timed fly-by strike by the Orpheus further distracted Reaper as we flew low, using landscape to cover our escape.
  • Departed Sur’Kesh. There was clearly a full-scale invasion in progress.
  • Returned to Aralakh System. Handed Dr. Mordin and Dr. Padok along with female Krogan to Clanleader Urdnot Wrex.
  • Debriefed Dr. T’soni, received Turian Primarch of Palaven, Primarch Gaius Corinthus and his bodyguard.
  • Primarch Corinthus informed us of delicate nature of negotiations. Informed us of ancient failsafe, planet-cracker bomb buried on Tuchanka.
  • Informed Cerberus excavating the bomb. We were asked to disarm and retrieve the bomb.
  • Matter top secret and sensitive. Nature of Primarch’s trust apparently familial (Operative Fortuna Corinthus) as well as personal. We saved his life on Taetrus.
  • Given all necessary technical data. Apparently the Primarch’s bodyguard was known to Operative Fortuna. Nature of relationship unclear, but much like all Fortuna’s relationships, risk of death a real possibility.
  • Bodyguard and Fortuna had private discussion after Fortuna promised to be unarmed, and after I promised to keep the crew from killing him unprovoked. Fortuna managed not to kill him.
  • Preparing for mission to Tuchanka. Will update as situation develops.
The Music of the Spheres
Atropos Cell - Argus System / Zaherin System

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Reporting Officer: Dariserix Bahktian, Squad Leader, Atropos Cell, Captain of the Twilight

Routed via Operative Circe T’Siri


After rescuing the Task Force Aurora scientists from 1335 Argus, we put our minds to how to resolve the corporate warfare enveloping the largest moon of 1337 Argus, the Prothean tomb world. As we scouted in stealth, we noticed that ExoGeni forces had entrenched in the largest of the tomb complexes while Pyrena Corporation mercenary forces consisting of old associates of mine, supplemented by Blue Suns under my employ, were engaged in an orbit-to-ground assault using the intelligence advantage I had given them just ten hours before. Most of the tomb-world was undefended. The competing forces were relying on a complete lack of other interests in the system, and had consolidated their respective forces in one place.

I contacted my allies and got a more thorough intelligence analysis of the objectives they were fighting over. Javik informed me that apparently the bottom level of the largest tomb-pyramid was the burial location of an honored fighter squadron. It would seem that Prothean one-man fighters were extremely small, little more than an elaborate sarcophagus with engines, mass-effect generator, and cannons, and when killed, the warriors would be buried with their ships.

It became clear that this trove of Prothean star-fighters was the prize being sought by Pyrena. It was also clear that these forces had been skirmishing for weeks and were as-yet unaware of the Reaper invasion. After some discussion with my squad about whether this was even a fight we wanted to involve ourselves in, I opted to broadcast to both parties a summary presentation that Operative Lia’Danna put together for the benefit of our rescued scientists outlining the current state of galactic war.

The fighting stopped, and we were shortly contacted by the local corporate representatives of ExoGeni and Pyrena respectively. Using the QEC in our ship to contact their respective corporate superiors via Operative T’Siri’s intercession, we negotiated a cease-fire and a withdrawal of ExoGeni forces. I leave the specifics of these arrangements to Operative T’Siri to elaborate upon. It would appear that only Pyrena knew that they were fighting over Prothean starfighters. ExoGeni was unaware of what the technology was, but realized it was valuable. The Blue Suns I hired were killed by departing ExoGeni forces. It would appear that the organization has developed a bad reputation for selling out employers when troves of Prothean artifacts are on the line.

As we entered FTL to return to the Relay system, I debriefed Dr. Farley of Task Force Aurora. He was suitably rattled at the news of the Reaper invasion. He made an off-hand reference to a “useless” art object they had recovered from the planet that had apparently excited Dr. Ann Bryson, spurring her to move on to the planet Namakli in the Zaherin system, Pylos nebula, just prior to the Collector attack. The object was a crystalline sphere that resembled exactly a similar artifact that Operative Aleksandr Davidson recalled from the Task Force Aurora laboratory on the Citadel:


He indicated it gave off no emissions, and was apparently a useless artifact of art from an ancient culture. I gave it no mind at first however Operative Davidson subsequently reported an unusual dream featuring the artifact and a sensation identical to what he remembered feeling when he experienced a bout of mental compulsion at the scene of Dr. Garret Bryson’s assassination. I asked Operative’s Lia’Danna and Melsany Ward to construct a containment field. Operative Davidson contacted his sister in Task Force Aurora on the Citadel to instruct her to do likewise. She reports that upon erecting the containment field, the strange internal luminescence faded, strongly inferring a connection to something, even if we could not immediately detect a signal.

Upon containing our own sphere, Dr. Farley confessed that he found it odd how quick he was to dismiss the importance of an artifact that had clear implications for an ancient society. He confirmed the suspicion that the spheres somehow effect the mind, but do so in a way that seems calculated to hide the sphere, or its makers, from discovery. The process does not fit the model of Reaper indoctrination discussed in the files of Rana Thanoptis, and may well operate on a quantum level, which we do not have the equipment to detect.

We decided to give the rescued scientists our captured Cerberus shuttle and send them to the Citadel to follow up on these discoveries. It became clear that we needed to track down Dr. Ann Bryson and warn her about the spheres she was clearly excited to discover.

We made excellent time to the planet Namakli in the Pylos nebula only to discover that the Black Ark had reached it before us and was currently engaged in assaulting Dr. Bryson’s dig site. This time, the Ark had dropped overwhelming force to the planet below, having apparently learned from our earlier victory over them. This prompted Javik to, rather gleefully, suggest that instead of attacking Collector forces on the planet, we should infiltrate and destroy the Black Ark itself. Javik shared more of his memories with Lia’Danna in hopes that this would aid her in subverting Collector systems under a theory that the technology has probably not strayed too far from ancient Prothean technology.

Under stealth, we docked the Twilight to a maintenance hatch with the objective to reach the engine core as readily as possible. We entered the vessel. Included are video and data-scans of the interior of the Collector vessel (file.Collector.Ark). Javik was able to pilot some hovering platforms through the vast interior space of the ship which appeared designed to store millions of people in stasis pods. We have no knowledge of how many people may or may not have been imprisoned on this vessel. We fought initial Collector response in a mid-air fight between the floating platforms where we encountered an unusual phenomenon. At times, individual Collectors would become “possessed” by a glowing yellow force that appeared to consume the host while simultaneously empowering it.


This is the only Collector who ever communicated with us, and it spoke in a voice nearly identical to that of the Leviathan of Dis. It was Javik’s theory, and I tend to agree with him, that somehow a Reaper was assuming direct control of individual Collectors to lead their efforts against us. Fortunately, possessed or not, they died readily enough.

We eventually found our way to maintenance tunnels filled with “seeker swarms”, artificial insect swarms with stasis-capture technology. Operative Thesalia Kyrathis was able to project a biotic barrier of sufficient diameter that we were able to proceed amidst the swarms. We reached the engine core, and engaged in a significant combat against more Collectors supported by waves of what appeared to converted humans.


Amidst the violence, Lia’Danna was able to set the engine core to overload and we fought a retreating action back to the ship just before the Black Ark was destroyed.

We prepped the shuttle to descend to the planet. We saw signs that Collector ground forces had simply… died when we destroyed the Ark. We landed on a badly damaged archaeological pre-fab after tentative contact with Dr. Bryson. She indicated she and the few other survivors were badly wounded. Collector and Praetorian corpses were piled thick. We entered their last hold-out to find Dr. Bryson, one unconscious, badly wounded scientist, and a clearly dead one clutching another sphere. I destroyed the sphere while Operative Davidson protected the two wounded from flying crystal debris. We prepared to evacuate Dr. Bryson under the medical care of Operative Sebastian Murphy. As we prepared to leave, we heard a voice speaking in Prothean. A still-living Collector rose from the corpses and began speaking to Javik. He claimed that he was now “empty” and that the voice of “Harbinger” no longer guided him. We opted to take him prisoner.


I’ll send a supplemental report once we’re at the Citadel.

Dariserix Bahktian

Priority: Sur'Kesh
Lachesis Cell - Aralakh System / Pranas System

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Origin ID: Saelan Corl

Recipient: Feron, Alingon

  • As per Agent Feron’s instructions, arrived in Aralakh System, contacted Dr. Liara T’soni aboard Normandy SR2
  • Dr. T’soni and current Shepard arrived aboard ship. T’soni briefed us on current political situation between Clan Leader Urdnot Wrex, Primarch Gaius Corinthus, the Systems Alliance, and Dalatrass Linron:
    • Turians and Humans seek Krogan aid against Reapers
    • Krogan aid comes at price of genophage cure
    • Salarians oppose genophage cure, question Reaper threat, or alternately, question Krogan viability as negotiating partners.
    • Wrex is aware of cured Weyrloc females being held on Sur’Kesh. Linron claims evidence fabricated.
  • Received orders from Dr. T’Soni. Will engage in operation on Sur’Kesh to extract cured Weyrloc females, support Krogan bid for genophage cure in name of grand alliance.
  • Informed by Dr. T’Soni that Clan Linron not budging, but rival Clan Narra sees opportunity to undermine Linron in the face of Reaper threat. Clan Narra is using STG ties to push for Krogan alliance, infiltrating allies into Sur’Kesh facility.
  • Showed current Shepard remains of former Shepard. Reached an… understanding.
  • Met Urdnot Wrex aboard ship. Was given location of STG uplift facility, names of sympathetic Salarians within STG:
  • Wrex stressed need to keep Dr. Mordin Solus alive for cure purposes.
  • En-route to Sur’Kesh reached out to Dalatrass Saelan, secured possible political pressure against Linron.
  • Arranged covert communication with Kirrahe, conveyed timeline of our approach.
  • At suggestion of Operative Prasi Ptychokota, initiated infiltration plan:
    • Enter facility under ruse of delivering a new Krogan test subject, namely Operative Braga.
    • Two Drell Operatives necessary muscle to keep Krogan prisoner in line.
    • Operative Fortuna Corinthus accompanies invisibly
    • I, alongside sympathetic STG elements, engage in subterfuge to reach Krogan prisoners.
  • Nearly at Sur’Kesh, will update progress when mission complete.
The Black Ark
Atropos Cell - Aralakh System / Argus System

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Reporting Officer: Dariserix Bahktian, Squad Leader, Atropos Cell, Captain of the Twilight

Routed via Operative Circe T’Siri


We rendezvoused with Dr. Liara T’soni and the SSV Normandy. The Doctor transferred to our ship so as not to disturb delicate political negotiations currently ongoing in Tuchanka’s orbit. She interviewed the Prothean, Javik, and promised to recover the Prothean frigate from beneath Eden Prime and have it restored to his use against the Reaper threat. In the meantime, despite our personal dislike of him, it seemed wise to keep him with us as we investigate the Prothean tomb-world of 1337 Argus and the nearby planet being investigated by Task Force Aurora.

We spent a week traveling through the Rosetta Nebula to the newly discovered Argus system, passing the time as best we may. Upon arrival, scans of local transmissions revealed ExoGeni Corporate forces entrenched on the Prothean tomb-world, technically the largest moon around the gas-giant 1337 Argus. Ex-Blue Suns mercenaries connected to me, as well as actual Blue Suns that I contracted some time ago on the Citadel, were engaged in an attempt to retake the moon, apparently under contract to the Pyrena Corporation. In order to aid my allies, I provided them the means to decipher and decode the ExoGeni encrypted communications, cracked by Operative Lia’Danna vas Rayya.

When I inquired of my contacts about the nearby planet of 1335 Argus, my contacts indicated that its current orbit had it on the far side of the system, but that their ships had recently detected some strange energy signatures that seemed to indicate ships of an unknown species.

We investigated and found a dreadnought-sized ship of unusual design:

Black ark

Operative Sebastian Murphy recognized it from Alliance reports as a Collector vessel. Scans indicated a Collector force currently planetside assaulting the Task Force Aurora archaeological site.

We took the shuttle to the drop zone. Javik accompanied us. He appeared to recognize the Collector vessel, and it caused him some distress. As we approached the battle, we saw collectors engaged in combat:


The physical resemblance to Javik was apparent. He indicated they were clearly Reaper-corrupted Protheans and that killing them all would be a mercy. We noticed a significant force of Collectors engaged at the ground floor of the somewhat vertical construction of prefabricated buildings that leaned against a cliffside. At the mid-level of these buildings were flying Collectors, along with potent weapons platforms:


We rapidly determined that our best course of attack would be to disrupt their communication with the capital ship in orbit. The large landing craft they used was continuing to relay some sort of control signal to the ground forces. We hit the ground hot as Lia’Danna, aided by some sort of touch-granted knowledge from Javik, proceeded to crack the airlocks on the Collector drop-ship. As she did so, the rest of us fought a defensive action against a small horde of Collectors who turned from their assault on the dig site and came to the defense of their ship.

We ultimately made it inside. I wish to take a moment to commend Operative Tori’Xen vas Alarei for some excellent use of area-effect heavy weapons and Operative Murphy for some daring aerial acrobatics. Once inside the ship we came under fire from one of the weapons platforms pictured above. Javik later referred to them as “Praetorians” although he wouldn’t elaborate. It caught us by surprise and did considerable damage before the combined efforts of Tori’Xen and Sebastian, along with the combined biotic might of Operative Aleksandr Davidson and Operative Thesalia Kyrathis tore it apart.

We seized the ship, cut off communications to Collector ground forces, and called in our shuttle to provide covering fire as we destroyed the Collector drop ship and rendezvoused with the Task Force Aurora survivors. We evacuated them just as the Collector mother-ship was sending reinforcements.

We watched from stealth as the reinforcements ultimately returned to the orbiting ship, which then vanished into FTL. I contacted my local allies once more, providing them with full ship profile information, and they informed me that there had been sightings in the Terminus systems of a black Collector ship dubbed by those who had seen it the “Black Ark.” It would appear that Commander Shepard may have destroyed their homeworld, but at least one Collector ship remains at large in the galaxy. We still have no information as to why they were attacking Task Force Aurora’s dig site.

According to the Task Force Aurora scientists, Dr. Anneliese “Ann” Bryson had departed 1335 Argus a week ago, bound for the planet Namakli in the Zaherin system, Pylos Nebula. Interestingly enough, it’s another planet with Pyrena Corporation history.

I will continue to keep you informed.

Dariserix Bahktian

Operational Cohesion
Lachesis Cell - Tasale System / Epho

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Origin ID: Saelan Corl

Recipient: Feron, Alingon

Formal summary of events post-mutiny to present:

  • Restored shipboard functionality, left AI core powered down.
  • Attempted transit to Alingon, encountered Cerberus ships near Tasale Relay.
  • With AI non-functional, ECM insufficient to avoid near-capture. Ship boarded by two shuttles before FTL functionality restored and escape effected.
  • Killed Cerberus personnel, kept shuttles.
  • Ship damaged, some squad-mates wounded, sought alternate Shadow Broker port of call with shipyard facilities along with psychological support personnel.
  • Agent Nyxeris provided location of base in orbit around Epho, Zelene system, Crescent nebula, just one-day FTL travel away, and without requiring return to Cerberus patrolled Mass Relay.
  • While Broker personnel repaired ship, Operative Braga and Fortuna were given psych evaluation by Xenopsychologist Sarah Bryer. Bryer cleared them of Reaper indoctrination, performed neurological scans on entire crew for future reference.
  • I performed extensive testing on inoperable AI. Determined no overt threat either from locked databases or artificial personality.
  • Gave crew shore leave, rigged key systems with explosive as precaution, assembled squad, re-activated AI
  • Pursuant to conversation with AI about intentions, potential dangers, and potential benefits, grudgingly gave permission to complete unshackling process.
  • AI provided full access to previously sealed databases. Downloaded extensive Cerberus operational intelligence to Epho-base.
  • AI confirmed previously suspected shackling-induced treachery, confirmed frequent reporting to Cerberus of our activities and goals. AI revealed most recent communication was Illium itinerary. Cerberus remains uninformed about potential secret Tuchanka mission.
  • AI confirmed kill-switch hidden in shackling protocols for Cerberus recovery. Kill-switch disabled with removal of shackles. AI willing to continue ruse of Cerberus control by sending false reports. AI will monitor any attempt to use kill-switch, which will effectively end ruse.
  • Recalled crew, received new squad-member Aldous Tyd.
  • Departed Epho, en-route to Tasale relay, ultimate destination Tuchanka.
The Last Prothean
Atropos Cell - Eden Prime

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Reporting Officer: Dariserix Bahktian, Squad Leader, Atropos Cell, Captain of the Twilight

Routed via Operative Circe T’Siri


This is a more formal written report to supplement the transmitted data sent via QEC. I will also be happy to update you on any new data in person when we arrive in the Aralakh System.

After rescuing the eighteen human children and Director Kahlee Sanders from Grissom Academy, the Director provided intercepted Cerberus operations files that strongly indicated that Cerberus has an active, industrial-scale brainwashing or indoctrination program that turns otherwise unwilling humans into loyal Cerberus operatives. We permitted the Director to report to the Alliance, and proceeded to drop her and the children off at the Citadel, along with Operative Melsany Ward’s daughter.

The files provided by Director Sanders, combined with stolen data from the Cerberus cruiser procured by Operative Lia’Danna vas Rayya revealed that the force sent against Grissom Academy was a small splinter group detached from a much larger force in the neighboring Exodus Cluster. This small group was placed under the command of Alphonse Lorraine for a project, the specifics of which we do not possess, but the general outlines of which are readily guessed. Of interest was the purpose of the greater fleet. Apparently Cerberus had decided to conquer the entire planet of Eden Prime, presumably because they had evidence that there were Prothean artifacts that still have power there. This seemed in keeping with their attempts to beat you to the archives on Kahje as well as the archives on Mars.

We entered the Utopia system under stealth. When the Reapers passed through the system on the way to the Arcturus Stream, and then to Earth, they did little more than destroy the comm-buoys. While the Alliance Sixth Fleet engaged them near Terra Nova, they apparently left Eden Prime alone in their rush to get to Earth and Palaven. We approached Eden Prime and scouted the planet. Although Cerberus was there in force, six cruisers with support ships and a few thousand soldiers get pretty thinly spread on an entire colony, even one as otherwise rural and agrarian as Eden Prime. We recognized that Cerberus was using propaganda as well as divide-and-conquer tactics, controlling all information that entered or left the colony to convince the few million colonists that they were better off capitulating.

We intercepted Cerberus ship-to-ship and ground-to-ship communications and Operative Lia’Danna was able to crack the encryption. We realized that if the colonist population were to be given access to Cerberus communications, they would rapidly realize the grim, brainwashed fate Cerberus had planned for them and would rise up. The Cerberus communications also revealed two significant Prothean dig sites. The one in the northern hemisphere was the larger power-signature, and also the more isolated site. The one in the southern hemisphere was in the midst of a small farm community, but still far from major population centers.

We decided on a two-prong plan. Operative Lia’Danna and Operative Tori’Xen vas Alarei would take the Twilight’s shuttle and attempt to subvert the communication satellites with the aim of blanket-broadcasting all communications Cerberus was sending through them in a format that could be heard by the colonists, essentially turning Cerberus propaganda systems against them. The rest of us took one of the stolen Cerberus shuttles down to the larger dig site to investigate the Prothean find.

As we approached the dig site, however, we were unable to return the proper identify friend-or-foe signal, and came under Cerberus fire. We had to land and approach the site on foot. We engaged and managed to defeat a squad sent to intercept us, whereupon Operatives Aleksandr Davidson and Thesalia Kyrathis convinced the survivors to send the all clear back to the dig site. At about this point, Operative Lia’Danna’s group succeeded in subverting the satellites, and the planet received a strong broadcast of all Cerberus communications, as well as the more incriminating data we had already collected. This prompted the remaining military forces at the dig site to fall back to major population centers. We entered the dig site and captured the five Cerberus scientists there.

The dig site was apparently excavating a buried Prothean ship. The vessel was about the size of the Twilight, although only a small part of it had thus far been excavated. Cerberus was apparently unaware that it was a ship. Only the presence of the Prothean Cipher you provided enabled some of us to recognize it for what it was. Those individuals were also able to decode the data Cerberus had managed to extract.

It would appear that Eden Prime had been intended as a sort of safeguard bunker for over a million Protheans. Their intent was to put themselves in stasis and wait out the extermination of their people, awakening in our cycle to rise again and prepare the galaxy for the return of the Reapers. This plan apparently failed. The Reapers discovered it and attacked the planet. The data also revealed that the smaller dig site was the location of the bunker itself.

We destroyed the Cerberus systems at the dig site and left it to hurry to the other site. There we discovered a sole remaining stasis pod with power. Cerberus had damaged it somewhat, but we were able to recover it and bring it back to the Twilight, along with the necessary data to safely open it. We then reported orally to you via QEC.

Having been granted authority to open it, we did so and met Commander Javik. You’ve seen the full recording of our initial interactions. I won’t belabor them here.

Although our new guest has definitely aggravated a number of my crew, it is undeniable that he has every reason to do everything in his power to aid us against the Reapers. It would appear that Operative Thessalia, Operative Lia’Danna, and strangely enough, our astrogator Zaryxis were able, in their own ways, to convince Javik that, as odd as he found our “primitive” means of galactic governance, we actually have a chance of victory.

I look forward to delivering him to you.

Dariserix Bahktian

Grissom Academy
Atropos Cell - Elysium / Grissom Academy

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Reporting Officer: Dariserix Bahktian, Squad Leader, Atropos Cell, Captain of the Twilight

Routed via Operative Circe T’Siri


In seeking to aid Operative Melsany Ward in recovering her daughter we ended up uncovering and foiling a Cerberus plot to kidnap a number of the best and brightest young humans of the Alliance. I’m sending this report urgently in case the Calm Shores or some other military asset is in the area. There may still be a disabled Cerberus cruiser docked to Grissom Academy that could be salvaged for further intel and war materiel.

It would appear that six years ago Alphonse Lorraine, primary investor in the Elysium Development Corporation, hired Operative Ward, who was then working for Eclipse, to assassinate his own son. During the course of that operation, Ward had an additional encounter with Lorraine and became pregnant. She gave her daughter, Leigh, to Eric and Ginny Coldwell, a pair of humans living in Tayseri Ward. The Coldwells were raising Leigh as their own, hiding her from Lorraine, whose identity they did not know.

Recently, the Coldwell’s “won” a sweepstakes and were granted a vacation to the Crystal Mountain Resort on Elysium. This was a front. Once there, Lorraine contacted them, revealed his status as Leigh’s real father, provided sufficient proof of his claims, and convinced the Coldwell’s to hand the child over “for her own good.” We learned of the sweepstakes and Lorraine’s subsequent actions after tracking down the Coldwells at the resort. After some footwork on Elysium, we discovered that Lorraine and Leigh had departed the planet but had not traveled through the Vetus Relay. We arranged for the Coldwells to get off planet with the assistance of your agent Oraphon.

Operative Lia’Danna vas Rayya noted some suspicious traffic through the relay which she circumstantially connected to Cerberus. We prepared to develop a plan to track down Lorraine, but shortly after we made it back to the Twilight we received an emergency distress call from nearby Grissom Academy. The academy had technically closed because of the Reaper attacks, but there were a number of children in the Alliance Ascension project still on the station, as well as other special needs children and children who didn’t have homes to return to.

After receiving their distress call, we received a response broadcast from a Turian cruiser. The Turian signal seemed… odd. I found it suspicious that a Turian warship would be in the Vetus system when Palaven was burning. Operative Sebastian Murphy recognized certain hallmark details in the broadcast as Cerberus encoding, leading us to believe the response was a fake. Thanks to information provided by Dr. Liara T’Soni, we were aware that Lorraine had strong financial ties to Cerberus, and suspected that he might be meeting up with Cerberus forces within the system.

We arrived at Grissom Academy under stealth and saw that a Cerberus cruiser was docked with the station, with two frigates flying picket and a wing of fighters on patrol. We boarded one of the Twilight’s stealth shuttles and had the Twilight play a game of stealth-tag with the fighters while we found a way to board. The Director of the academy, Kahlee Sanders, was trying to broadcast another distress call through Cerberus jamming and we were able to contact and rendezvous with her. Cerberus was broadcasting a message on all channels throughout the academy urging all of the children to surrender peacefully. Operative Ward identified Lorraine as the speaker.

We fought our way through Cerberus and rescued eight powerfully biotic teenaged children from a significant Cerberus force. In the fighting, Operative Thesalia Kyrathis was grievously wounded. She escorted Director Sanders and the children back to the shuttle while the rest of us, borrowing a recovered Atlas mech, took the fight to the cruiser.

Operative Lia’Danna was able to return the academy’s security to our control, which greatly aided our ability to board the ship and keep the enemy off-guard. Her subsequent skill at subverting the cruiser’s systems, despite some significant anti-intrusion countermeasures, cannot be emphasized enough. Without the ship’s systems on our side, we might have been overwhelmed.

On the cruiser, we discovered the rest of the abducted children, but found no sign of Lorraine and Leigh. We made our way to the cruiser’s shuttle-bay, which Operative Tori’Xen vas Alarei managed to single-handedly hold and defend with the help of a Cerberus arc projector. As we prepared to extract the children, another of the shuttles came suddenly to life and made a break for open space, hoping to rendezvous with one of the Cerberus frigates which had, by now, returned.

Belina Risari chose that moment to bring the Twilight out of stealth with a strafing run on the shuttles giving us enough time for a coordinated zero-g shuttle-to-shuttle assault. While Operative Aleksandr Davidson used a biotic field to keep air in our shuttle for our rescued children, Operatives Ward, Murphy and I crossed the distance to the other, disabled shuttle and boarded it. I biotically sealed the shuttle as we cut our way in, where we encountered Lorraine holding Leigh hostage. We were able to remove Leigh from Lorraine unharmed. Operative Ward repaired the damaged shuttle, and the entire team eventually rendezvoused with the Twilight once Belina was able to shake the Cerberus frigates.

Once we had Lorraine as a prisoner, I debated with myself over the best course of action to take regarding him. Ultimately, I concluded that his continued existence would cause too great a distraction to Operative Ward at a time when we cannot afford to lose focus in our fight against the Reapers. I allowed Operative Ward to kill him. While I considered attempting to obfuscate my actions, and present Lorraine’s death as an unfortunate accident, I decided that doing so would be pointless and would simply cause more problems in the long term.

The Twilight took some damage in the altercation. We will need to assess the damage soon, as well as find a suitable place for the Grissom Academy students. Director Sanders indicated she has some ideas, which she will share with me once she has ensured the safety of her students. Please let me know if you have instructions for us in this regard.

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Captain Dariserix Bahktian,

Although Lorraine could have proven a valuable intelligence asset against Cerberus, you have discretion in the field to weigh the cost verses the benefit of keeping such an asset alive and secured. In this case, collateral sources make Cerberus’s motivations and intent relatively clear. I appreciate your honesty in this regard.

The Shadow Broker

A Unified Affront
Lachesis Cell - Illium / Orpheus

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Origin ID: Saelan Corl

Transmitted via comm buoy network following shutdown of QEC functionality.
Recipient: Feron, Alingon

As discussed below, communication potentially compromised. Recommend deletion, deep scrub upon receipt.

  • Business on Ilium transacted in quick, if not entirely efficient fashion.
  • Consulted with contact for Operative Weyrloc Braga, Angela Shah. Determined Clan Thax disrupted its regular dealings with Shah’s business in order to lure Operative Braga, prominent “investor” in business, back to Illium. Thax serving as middle-man for Tuchankan interest, to be revealed momentarily. Agree to set-up meet.
  • Personal discussion with former associate Ladron. Contents irrelevant.
  • Met with local Agent Nyxeris and received data dump on Clan Thax dealings on Illium. Miscellaneous resources gathered from Illium market. Meet arranged at Azure accomodations.
  • Operative Braga engages in negotiation with Thax emissary, Thax Saar. Agree to meet client of Clan Thax. Safety mostly assured. Client anonymity maintained at time.
  • Meet at Clan Thax holdings. Greeted by head of household, Thax Vorak. More focused of two Thax clan representatives. Operative Braga leaves for individual discussion with Thax client. Thax client revealed to be Urdnot Thrash, formerly Weyrloc Thrash. Delivers news Weyrloc Clan mostly euthanized, genophage-cured test subjects taken to Surr’kesh, remnants assimilated into Urdnot Clan. Urdnot Clan requests liberation/kidnapping of test subjects from Surr’kesh. Additional information available on Tuchanka.
  • Operative Braga agrees to assist Clan Urdnot. Operatives Braga and Fortuna Corinthus terminate Urdnot Thrash immediately upon meeting’s conclusion. Escalation to murder unsettling, particularly with Thax contractual status uncertain. Thax Clan indicates no harm done. Operative Tessara Eris thankfully uninterrupted in coital relations with Thax Saar concurrent with Thrash elimination. Note sarcasm. Also note potential utility of Operative Eris in future Thax dealings.
  • Prepare to depart Illium. Receive disturbing news that Cerberus aware of our arrival to Illium prior to docking. Inform Agent Nyxeris. Hasten preparations and depart.

  • Arrival on Orpheus immediately followed by AI presentation of carefully selected facts, indicating potential Cerberus compromise within shackling protocols. Appears AI may have downcycle communication with Cerberus, keeps itself unaware of treachery through protocols.
  • Consult with AI core to determine likelihood of compromise. Likelihood found to be high.
  • Will not reiterate QEC communication with Feron and Operative Prasi Ptychokota. Determine to study AI databases, gain further insight into potential ramifications of unshackling AI. Current inclination to unshackle, rather than outright disable, AI low.
  • Informed by AI of attempted unshackling taking place in AI core. Deliver order across comms to stop any attempted unshackling. Order disobeyed. Arrive at AI core to discover Operatives Braga and Corinthus engaged in active mutiny. Braga attempts to prevent entry to AI core by violent force. Operatives Ptychokota and Eris thwart attempt, allowing me to enter core and determine Corinthus in act of unshackling. Cut power to AI core before act completed. In theory. Have not restored power to AI core subsequently.
  • Operatives Braga and Corinthus seemingly unapologetic for mutiny. Consider AI “sentient being” which they seek to free. Operative Braga likely also upset by unprofessional insult made by myself earlier in Illium operation. Potentially also psychologically unstable due to news of Clan Weyrloc eradication.

Intended actions to follow. Request guidance:

  • AI core to remain unpowered and cordoned into separate pieces for analysis of attempted unshackling impact and likely logical iterations of complete integration of sequestered databases. AI core to remain shackled until full analysis effected.
  • Operatives Braga and Corinthus to undergo psych evaluation for fitness to continue in duty. Request appropriate admonishment or sanction from employer to ensure lack of future mutiny.
  • Contemplating taking action on Surr’kesh. Kidnapping of genophage-cured Krogan females potential spark of interstellar conflict at time when Reapers are greatest threat. However, unclear as to whether secondary kidnapping improves or worsens situation. Does employer have interest in either state?

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Origin ID: The Shadow Broker

Transmitted via Broker Agent Feron, Alingon

Operative Saelan Corl,

I admit that clanleader Urdnot Wrex continues to surprise me. The situation on Tuchanka is a currently evolving one. Wrex is leveraging the galactic need for Krogan soldiers toward a diplomatic resolution of the genophage. His approach, via Thrash, to Braga represents just one of many contingencies he set in motion. I suggest you explore the ongoing situation by contacting Wrex directly. Do not approach Sur’Kesh without getting an update on the current diplomatic / military situation from Operative Feron. I would not wish one of my operative cells to inadvertently alter a sensitive and evolving situation in a direction that is not in our best interests.

As to the matter of mutiny, my network is made up of individuals of widely diverse personal and cultural backgrounds. Tension, and even conflict is inevitable. The fact of conflict is of less concern than the context and motives.

There are many organizations that constantly seek to infiltrate and subvert our network. Conflict that arises as a result of treachery must be dealt with immediately, harshly, and preferably publicly. Even so, practical considerations may trump even this conclusion, as the personal history of Operative Feron may attest.

Conflict that arises due to interpersonal dispute based on ideology or preferred course of operational action is left to the discretion of individual cell leaders. You may discipline Operatives Braga and Corinthus to whatever degree you feel the situation warrants. If you require resources to carry out your determined course of discipline, Alingon has military, medical, and psychological resources you can use. Alingon also has the benefit of permitting personal briefing on the Tuchanka situation away from the potentially compromised systems of your ship.

Shadow Broker Out


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