Mass Effect - Apocalypse

Bekenstein Estate Sale
Atropos Cell, Bekenstein

Shadow broker

Begin Delivery Tracking String 554Zero7
Encryption Protocols Enabled
Origin: The Advisor

Shadow Broker:

Things did not go as smoothly as planned. Nevertheless, the cell of operatives you sent me showed themselves to be capable and clever. The objective is secure. No financial resources were necessary to procure it, although three squads of your mercenaries were necessary to cover our escape which advertised your interest and investment in an item that may have otherwise passed under the attention of the other groups present at the estate sale of Donovan Hock.

Of all the attendees present, only Captain Goldman of the Systems Alliance seemed to be fully aware of the value of the copy Hock had made of Keiji Okuda’s graybox. Now, groups such as Clan Thax, the Noveria Development Corporation, the Illium Mercantile clans, Eclipse, and sundry others know that an otherwise innocuous set of encrypted data was important enough for the Alliance to launch a full military operation to secure. I suspect the Bekenstein government will be lodging any number of formal complaints, and I can ensure that this happens if you wish it thanks to my new association with Hock’s daughter Kimberly.

An armed conflict may have been inevitable, but to their credit, the operatives you sent me made the whole thing appear to be the fault of Eclipse. They manipulated Eclipse systems and disgruntled employees to force a conflict between the Mercenaries and Captain Goldman. Only then did Goldman call in the Alliance marines. Your operatives did an excellent job of not only protecting my person, and the person of Kimberly Hock, our hostess, but also sowing sufficient chaos in the ensuing firefight that your Quarian operative was able to slip into the vault and make off with the prize.

Prior to the conflict, they were also instrumental in spotting Spectre Jondum Bau in the crowd. I negotiated an arrangement with him wherein he would not interfere in your procurement of the item. In exchange, we would provide to him the decrypted data with the understanding that he would only make use of it in the pursuit of his duties, and all proceeds from the sale of that information would remain with you. I recall your explicit instructions about giving Spectres preferential treatment, and have seen the benefits such a policy have returned with Spectres Vasir and Shepard, and I hope such an arrangement meets with your approval.

Your Human operative, Mr. Maddox, appears to have engaged in mating behavior with Kimberly Hock. I don’t claim to understand Human habits in this regard, but it appears to have convinced her to provide us with preferential treatment at the estate sale, as well as causing her to procure my services as financial advisor. I was able to arrange for her to keep most of the proceeds of her father’s sale utilizing loopholes in Bekenstein’s bankruptcy laws. She is now a person of significant wealth. I will continue to work with her in getting her set up to her satisfaction. I imagine she may well be a useful asset in the future.

Our arrangements with Clan Thax went according to plan. The Clanleader owes you a debt.

The graybox copy is on its way to the Facility as you instructed. I’m not sure how you will crack the encryption, but as always, I strive to maintain a scrupulous lack of curiosity when it comes to matters I do not need to know.


Barla Von

Dantius Data
Atropos Cell, Nos Astra, Illium

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocol Engaged

Origin Designation: Observer / Illium

Report Follows:

MSV Strontium Mule arrived ahead of schedule. My compliments to the pilot. Cargo disembarked. Briefed them on the mission. They asked good questions, tactical questions, my compliments on the quality of operatives sent for this matter. Discovered later that a keepsake belonging to my predecessor was missing, probably taken by one of the operatives. It was unimportant, but will make note to self about leaving loose valuables around.

They opted against a frontal assault on Level 22, wise move. Arranged one of the more subtle kidnappings I’ve ever seen. Convinced Salarian Eclipse hacker to meet privately for “under the table” job. Hacker was convinced to take double-agent as backup. Extracted location of objective from captive. Left captive alive, but discredited within Eclipse. Subsequent activity in the cargo berth of Eclipse frigate “Pride of Cassiopeia” will likely cause the ruse to be untangled however. Will take efforts to preserve double-agent’s integrity, but may not last, at least within Eclipse forces on Illium.

Operatives infiltrated cargo berth posing as customs inspector. More martial-looking operatives later bluffed their way aboard the “Pride” pretending to be bounty hunters chasing con-woman “custom inspector”. Team managed to board vessel and seal reinforcements out. Sustained firefight throughout the ship resulted in theft of ship, along with safe acquisition of objective and eleven Eclipse prisoners.

Operatives will rendezvous at nav point 11217, Tasale System for evaluation

Encryption Protocol Disengaged


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