Mass Effect - Apocalypse

The Conquest of Omega
Lachesis Cell - Omega

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Sender ID: Saelan Corl

Encrypted and Compressed, Routed via Comm-Relay ID MSV Strontium Mule

  • Laid low in anticipation of operation against Cerberus frigate. One day into two day anticipated wait, received distress call from ally of agent Prasi Ptychokota, Turian named Nimmor Kandros.
  • Nimmor indicated sister pinned down by Adjutants in spire-reactor, seeking to prevent loss of critical power to Fuji-spire. Hinted that normal resources not available for rescue.
  • Stole Cerberus shuttle to rapidly gain proximity to Fuji-spire. On foot through thoroughfare, ambushed by Eclipse engineer Troy Gaines who had co-opted Cerberus mechs, specifically:
    • Two YMIR-class heavy mechs
    • One ATLAS-class Cerberus Battle Mech
    • Twenty Four mechs of a design unknown to me, resembling supercharged LOKI-class mechs, schematics included.

Me3 rampart mech

  • New mech-class capable of advanced melee combat, super-charged power-source resulting in heat-related injuries if in close proximity.
  • Gaines attacked due to previous personal grudge against agent Tessara Eris. He was subdued and ultimately executed by agent Eris.
  • I gained control over two surviving YMIR mechs and dozen surviving new mechs. We hurried to the aid of Nimmor.
  • Arrived at reactor. Found Nimmor and members of Talons gang keeping reactor stable. Sounds of gunfire and Adjutant attack. Arranged approach by tactical phalanx, using co-opted mechs as cover. Engaged Adjutants and rescued Nyreen Kandros, Nimmor’s sister. Her involvement with Talons a secret, thus Nimmor’s hesitance to call usual contacts.
  • Evacuated Nyreen and two surviving associates to Talons safe-house. Became aware that Nyreen is gang-leader, and gang is significantly militarized, not rag-tag criminals as initially reported.
  • Nyreen appears to hold personal grudge against Cerberus
  • While conferring, received station-wide broadcast from Colonel Raymond Ashe claiming Omega in the name of Cerberus
  • Held strategy session with Nyreen, discussed possibility of striking quickly to kill Ashe. Concluded that he would only make such an announcement after his hold on Afterlife club secure, and defenses well-entrenched.
  • Nyreen seemed to know significant details of Cerberus’ clandestine smuggling of significant mechs and manpower aboard the station placed at key points for rapid deployment and the securing of vital locations.
  • Discussed likely fate of Aria T’Loak. Alluded to our own pending plan to steal Cerberus frigate. Nyreen identified frigate at the “Prometheus”, Colonel Ashe’s personal ship. Provided us with schematics and secrets to enable tactical approach of docking ramp, offered resources to provide diversion for Cerberus.
  • Left Talons, sought out Jorgal Nask to discuss timetable.
  • Fought through some Cerberus on way to Zaeed Massani. Upon removing helmet of dead soldier, discovered unusual implant technology:

Cerberus husk

  • Rendezvoused with Zaeed. Incorporated Talon participation and intel into plan, moved timetable up to immediate action.
  • Showed Zaeed Cerberus implants. Zaeed used terms “husk” and “Reaper” and gave us a quick briefing on his opinion that mythical species “Reapers” are intelligent ship-sized artificial intelligences who intend on invading the galaxy. Incorporated Geth attack on the Citadel and personal experience in mission against Collectors into theory. Seemed unsurprised at my skepticism.
  • Plan to steal Prometheus imminent. Sending report in case of failure.

Commander Shepard
Atropos Cell - Omega Nebula / Citadel

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Reporting Officer: Dariserix Bahktian, Squad Leader, Atropos Cell, Captain of the Reluctant

Routed via Operative Circe T’Siri


We’ve arrived on the Citadel to meet with Dr. Liara T’soni as instructed. There have been some… developments.

First, en route we were attacked near the Omega relay by a cruiser of Turian design and two flights of fighter craft. Agent T’Siri indicates that it is likely that Eclipse agents infiltrated my own associates and learned of our itinerary while I was making inquiries into Dr. Thanoptis some days ago. Agent T’siri is working on scrubbing our ship’s identification to obscure the trail further.

In transit, we were able to extensively debrief Dr. Rana Thanoptis who gave us all of the data on her Virmire research on indoctrination (see attachment). She seemed to see the Shepard-clone as her means of redemption, as well as fame and academic recognition, which she felt she had thus far been denied. She had a lot to say about the complexity of rebuilding a particular mind verses merely creating a mind, as she did with Warlord Okeer’s project. If Shepard had been implanted with a graybox or similar device, the clone could theoretically be operated by a VI interfacing with the graybox, much as the human President Huerta. Lacking such a source of Shepard’s memories and personality, however, she had been rebuilding it piecemeal.

She recognized that we held her life in our hands, and was quite cooperative. She provided a download of all of her research on indoctrination, and began helping Operative Melsany Ward develop a specialized mass effect field for the interior of our ship that might interfere with indoctrination signals, at least somewhat.

I debriefed Natividad Valle de Los Huesos to learn what I could about the CAT6 mercenary organization. Apparently he was able to quickly gain the trust of Maya Brooks by eliminating members of the organization who raped the unconscious Shepard clone, and was put in charge of security for the medical facility where the clone was held. While he could not confirm Brooks’ further plans, he did inform me that CAT6 has been gradually infiltrating operatives onto the Citadel, in preparation for the next phase of that plan. It seems clear to me that Brooks was seeking control of her own, personal SPECTRE, although her ultimate goals are unclear. It is possible that Operative Lia’Danna vas Rayya will uncover something further as she goes through the information that she seized from the Project Lazarus space station’s data network before it was destroyed.

Upon arrival at the Citadel we were unexpectedly given a berth in the Presidium ring. We arrived at Apollo’s cafe as instructed. Lia’Danna noticed that the cafe’s proprietress was Matriarch Aethyta, who we had last seen in an establishment on Ilium. This is a curious detail that may require follow-up later.

Dr. T’Soni arrived and we escorted her back to the ship to see our cargo. Upon laying eyes on Dr. Thanoptis, however, she was overcome with a fit of fury and overheated a thermal clip into Rana’s head. This was… somewhat shocking. She was, however, most contrite about it after the flash of her rage had subsided. She claimed that Thanoptis was indoctrinated, and did not want such a person involved in reconstructing Shepard’s mind.

It is clear to me that Dr. T’Soni had strong feelings for Commander Shepard, but Dr. T’Soni also clearly recognized that the person lying there was not Shepard. She ultimately performed an Asari neural meld, which was apparently enough to permit the clone to be awakened. Currently the Shepard clone is awake and healthy under the supervision of Dr. Iris Krayt, but has no knowledge of who she is. T’Soni indicates that what memories and personality she was able to impart will take time to become… accessible. Even then, however, this new “Shepard” won’t be the same person.

Dr. T’Soni then requested the use of my team and my ship to deliver her to Kahje on some mission of her own. This report is being sent to inquire into our orders in this regard.

Dariserix Bahktian

Encryption Protocols Disengaged


Response Incoming, Timestamp +47.32 minutes, Respondent: Circe T’Siri


Orders from above indicate that you are to extend to Dr. T’Soni every courtesy and provide to her any and all cooperation in her current mission, which is of high priority. She may have in per possession a certain amount of proprietary data that you should also ensure remains secret.


Circe T’Siri

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Reporting Officer: Dariserix Bahktian, Squad Leader, Atropos Cell, Captain of the Reluctant

Routed via Operative Circe T’Siri


As ordered, we have granted to Dr. T’Soni space aboard our ship. She has kindly paid for repairs to the Reluctant, as well as a number of upgrades to our security suite and communications systems. She appears to have brought aboard a lot of specialized gear, including a QEC system.

Aside from that, there is little enough to report other than the resignation of Tyler Maddox. He has rejoined Aria T’Loak’s organization, apparently to help her retake Omega from Cerberus. I understand that he left her service to join yours under… reasonably amicable circumstances. Please let me know if action should be taken to prevent his defection.

Dariserix Bahktian

Encryption Protocols Disengaged

Lachesis Cell - Omega

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Sender ID: Saelan Corl

Routed via Operative Helena Blake

  • Auto-sent update unnecessary, entire squad survived subsequent engagement
  • Omega invaded by previously undocumented species, dubbed “Adjutants” by Cerberus
  • Visual identification of species included:


  • Species evinced following characteristics:
    • Nanotechnological conversion of biological individuals into additional adjutants via biotechnological arm-mounted injector
    • Significant melee-capability
    • Biotic abilities including:
      • Biotic-powered leap to close to melee range
      • Biotic barriers for protection
      • Biotic cloaking (only one example on record)
      • Biotic point-blank area-of-effect detonation (ability independently confirmed)
  • Defeated specimens encountered with aid of Talons local gang group.
  • Talons took corpses as specimens. We also salvaged reasonably intact specimen for delivery
  • Minor additional engagements on return to Blake
  • Learned Adjutants invading from beyond Omega-4 relay, aiming stolen Cerberus vessels at Omega, seem incapable of precise piloting.
  • Cerberus flagship in area, Elbrus, recalled. Cerberus engaged additional vessels before they could impact station.
  • Cerberus, with Aria T’Loak, taking fight to source, overrun Cerberus base beyond Omega-4 relay
  • Organized purge of Adjutant infestation ongoing, outcome uncertain
  • Extensive Cerberus ground troops involved in Adjutant purge
  • Aria willing to take extreme measures to control infestation
  • Successfully completed viral VI to be loaded into shipboard systems of Elbrus by Cerberus double-agent Kelly Chambers. VI given to Chambers.
  • Elbrus being used as Cerberus Command & Control, former temporary base in the Fusang District recalled due to infestation.
  • Chambers indicates may be recalled to Elbrus for mission through Omega-4 relay. If Chambers completes her end of bargain, should shortly be receiving illicit, encoded transmissions via Comm-relay from Elbrus.
  • Current plan: rendezvous with Zaeed Massani, Jorgal Nask in two days to plan theft of Cerberus frigate
  • Hopefully squad mostly healed from wounds by then.

Atropos Cell - The Citadel / Fathar System

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Reporting Officer: Dariserix Bahktian, Squad Leader, Atropos Cell, Captain of the Reluctant

Routed via Operative Circe T’Siri


Significant progress has been made toward our primary objective of learning as much as we can about these “Reapers”. Upon review of the data recovered from Kasumi Goto, we discovered the details of Operation Dispater, an Alliance black op to the Batarian homeworld of Kar’Shan, to destroy the Leviathan of Dis, a ship estimated to be a billion years old, data on which matches the profile of the ship “Sovereign” which attacked the Citadel three years ago. That much you already have. We also, however, procured a large cache of top-secret Citadel records from Commander Armando-Owen Bailey. He wanted a face-to-face meeting, and confirmation that we were, in fact, working for you. It would appear that you, or others of your agents, were pressuring Bailey via Councilor Donnel Udina to release Operative Melsany Ward after she was caught engaging in… extra-curricular assassination. I’m unsure if Bailey wanted to assess my participation or culpability in Melsany’s actions prior to trusting us with this data. I’m unsure what he saw in me, but he did ultimately give me what we needed.

Attached is the encrypted file-set provided by Bailey. You will find extensive classified records of Council meetings, SpecTRe status updates, and debriefs with Commander Jane Shepard that outline everything she uncovered about Sovereign, including the insidious process of indoctrination, the means by which these ship-creatures ultimately brainwash people into serving their will. Included were files from Shepard’s original investigation into Saren, including helmet voice-recordings of the dying words of Matriarch Benezia, and encounters on Virmire with the Asari neurological specialist that Saren had studying the indoctrination process, Dr. Rana Thanoptis. These files, cross-referenced with the files Operative T’siri provided on Thanoptis, indicated that she had been subsequently using Saren’s research to perfect her own studies of neurological imprinting, essentially creating minds from blank flesh, starting with the Krogan Warlord Okeer and his tank-bred Krogan project.

Operative Tyler Maddox followed up on his contact with Dr. Anneliese “Ann” Bryson. She and her father are apparently being secretly funded by the Alliance to research “Reapers” from a historical and archaeological angle. They have a piece of Sovereign in their laboratory, and when Tyler stared at it for too long, he had a momentary lapse of time where he said some seemingly nonsensical things about liquified genetic material that made no sense to him or Dr. Bryson. This lapse prompted me to order full neurological scans of Tyler and the rest of us for comparative baseline analysis if we should encounter “Reaper” technology again. It also prompted Bryson to invest in heavier shielding for the artifact. Bryson confirmed that “Reapers” have been around for an unimaginably long period of time, showing Tyler ancient cave-paintings that seem to portray a Reaper, and confirming the estimate on the age of the Leviathan of Dis to a billion years ago, give or take a few million.

As a side-note, Matriarch Vasir has an interest in procuring Operative Tyler Maddox under some interpretation of Illium contract law. We ultimately released her daughter, Fael Vasir, who seemed terrified of Operative Aleksandr Davidson, calling him an “Ardat Yakshi”, which is apparently some obscure Asari reference to a genetic mutation that turns Asari into psychic cannibals. Although it’s clear that Operative Aleksandr is not an Asari genetic throwback, he does appear to have some fairly… unique biotic powers, of which I’m sure you are no doubt aware. Hopefully this resemblance to old Asari mythology won’t unduly hinder our continued operations.

Operative Lia’Danna utilized her skill with computer networks to good effect, uncovering a lot of supporting evidence on the files provided by Bailey, including background files on a Liara T’soni, who seems to disappear from public records about the time SpecTRe Tela Vasir, formerly in your employ, was slain. Considering the interest of the Vasir family in our ongoing operations, it seemed prudent to keep an eye out for loose ends.

Upon analyzing all the data on the Reapers and indoctrination, we recognized that following in Operation Dispater’s footsteps to recover data on the Leviathan of Dis from Kar’Shan would be a significantly dangerous challenge without understanding indoctrination better. Therefore, Dr. Thanoptis is our current goal. I put out the word that we were looking for her and received contact from Operative Natividad Valle de Los Huesos, formerly of Atropos Cell, now deep-cover inside the Mercenary organization CAT6. He indicated that Dr. Thanoptis was currently working for CAT6 in some capacity. I have contacted representatives of CAT6 requesting the Doctor’s services for an unstated mercenary purpose, and offering a significant sum. We reached an arrangement and headed to the Omega nebula for a rendezvous.

While in the vicinity of Omega, we thought to stop by to secure our cover when I recalled that we had seen Aria T’Loak on the Citadel. This caused enough suspicion to cause Operative Melsany to reach out to some Eclipse contacts via the comm-net. We discovered that Cerberus has conquered Omega, apparently to oversee traffic through the Omega-4 Relay. I presume you are aware of this, and have people to report on the matter to you, but I felt this news was of sufficient import to compose and send off this report at this time. I will compose a supplemental report once we’ve secured and questioned Dr. Thanoptis.

Dariserix Bahktian

Report Supplemental, timestamp +2.74 Standard Galactic Days


As we negotiated the services of Dr. Thanoptis with a Maya Brooks, Operative Natividad, still disguised in his CAT6 armor, having arranged to be assigned to Dr. Thanoptis’ security detail, surprised us all by putting a bullet from a new, apparently experimental weapon into Maya’s head.

Me3 suppressor

In the subsequent combat, we procured a number of these weapons, apparently based on an experimental Alliance design. More importantly, however, we recovered Dr. Thanoptis, but also the subject of Maya Brooks’ designs out here in the Fathar system… an apparently genetically identical clone of Commander Shepard.

Based on data procured from the station by Operative Lia’Danna, Brooks was former Cerberus, and a member of “Project Lazarus” which, apparently, resurrected the original Commander Shepard with the aid of extensive cybernetics. A living clone was created for potential spare parts for this process but never used. Brooks stole the clone, as well as the station containing many of the records of Project Lazarus. She then employed the galaxy’s foremost expert on memory implantation and mind-creation, Dr. Thanoptis. The Doctor was in the process of attempting to re-create Shepard’s mind, presumably with certain… changes… to suit Brooks, when we stole both Dr. Thanoptis and the living, but not yet sentient clone.

Operative Melsany Ward has introduced extensive virus attacks into the station. We anticipate that shortly nothing will be left alive there if you wish to send further investigation and clean-up teams.

Dariserix Bahktian

Encryption Protocols Disengaged

Cerberus and the Omega-4 Relay
Lachesis Cell / Omega

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Message auto-send activated, VI Protocol Saelan Corl subroutine 47

Shadow Broker,

This message is being relayed by Omni-Tool via the communications relay aboard the MSV Strontium Mule by a VI algorithm triggered by events that may result in substantial risk of death or bodily harm. Encoded summary of mission thus far included in case of demise.

Data to follow:

  • Returned Vorcha plague to contact Helena Blake.
  • Was informed Cerberus has method to enter and return from Omega-4 relay, and has invested heavily in prospective base construction on the other side.
  • Briefed on objective: procure Cerberus data on Omega-4 relay, including resources on the other side, and methodology for utilizing the relay safely
  • Was given name of contact, mercenary Zaeed Massani, as ex-Cerberus employee with grudge
  • Operative Tessara Eris had Krogan contact, Jorgal Nask
  • Split into two operations groups. Saelan and Tessara contacted Nask while Prasi, Fortuna, and Braga entered VIP lounge of Afterlife to find drunk Cerberus officers.
  • Team Alpha found Nask, discovered he was working on a job with intended Cerberus target, working with an individual we surmised was Massani. Got appointment for meet.
  • Team Beta found Cerberus officers, along with higher ranking Intelligence officer. Operative Fortuna seduced human male with secret alien sexual fetish. Discovered he was Lt. Commander aboard the Elbrus, Cerberus cruiser.
  • Reunited Cell procured temporary lodging
  • Met with Zaeed Massani. Gained his trust. Alluded to Shadow Broker employment. Massani appears to have positive opinion of Broker and Broker’s organization. Massani has personal history with Prasi Ptychokota, seemed happy to see her.
  • Learned that Massani was aboard Cerberus-rebuilt Normandy with Commander Jane Shepard who discovered method of transversing Omega-4 Relay. Indicated Shepard is dead, along with most of her squad. Indicated success of mission against Collectors. Indicated Cerberus refused to pay him debt owed.
  • Method of transversing Omega-4 relay involves stolen, repurposed “IFF” device taken from derelict “Reaper” vessel. Technology apparently replicatable.
  • Entered into partnership with Massani. He indicated he had a spy within Cerberus, would provide us access to computer system algorithms for our plan to compromise Cerberus vessel scan, navigational, and communication systems. We would provide him a distraction so he could steal a Cerberus ship. Indicated his goal was through Omega-4 Relay.
  • Met next day with Massani and his spy, Kelly Chambers. Chambers is former Normandy crew, escaped ship with Massani on Omega before ship turned over to Alliance. Still on the Illusive Man’s payroll. Playing double-agent for Massani. Agreed to plant our device for us.
  • As meeting concluding, sudden systems failures and gunfire advised of approaching hostiles. Investigation has revealed advance of alien-technological creatures of unknown identity or function.
  • VI protocols met for collation and data-send. More forthcoming.

Encryption Protocols Disengaged

Hunting Leviathan
Atropos Cell / The Citadel

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Reporting Officer: Dariserix Bahktian, Squad Leader, Atropos Cell, Captain of the Reluctant


By now I’m sure your chief agent Circe T’Siri has given her full report on the results of our successful rescue of Kasumi Goto. There were some wrinkles, namely the fact that Captain Sarah Goldman was apparently a Cerberus agent. It would seem that she was expecting the N-series marines being sent from Earth to also be undercover Cerberus, and so relied upon Operative Tyler Maddox and Operative Melsany Ward to cover her while her own agents cleaned up the assigned Alliance security detail using an electrical heavy weapon of some sort, details included.

Arc projector

Although Goldman apparently assumed that Operatives Maddox and Ward were in the know on the plan to hijack the prisoner transport and steal Kasumi Goto for the Illusive Man, Tyler’s response to her act of slaughter on her own people gave him away. Melsany, however, helped take Tyler “into custody” and Goldman and her Cerberus accomplices were in too much of a hurry to get to their transport and away before Arcturus Station was alerted to ask too many questions.

Once the Exeter had hit FTL, however, Melsany successfully sabotaged the drive-core bringing the ship out of FTL speeds. This revealed her own complicity, and she and Tyler had to fight the Cerberus crew. Fortunately, another of your agents, Aleksandr Davidson, was aboard, having infiltrated the Cerberus cell being used by Captain Goldman. The three of them were able to kill the small Cerberus crew. Melsany was forced to kill Captain Goldman. They then signaled our fleet, and we took the ship without incident.

This is when your Agent Circe revealed herself. She briefed us on your defensive reorganization of the network and was on-hand when we woke Kasumi from her stasis. Kasumi offered a bargain, that she would unlock the data concealed in Keiji Okuda’s graybox copy for us in exchange for being given the graybox copy itself and her freedom. I accepted, and she did as asked. She also answered our questions about how she ended up in Alliance custody which was a tale I found… initially rather hard to believe.

I won’t belabor the details, as it seems clear that Agent T’Siri already knew large portions of it. Once Kasumi had been taken to medbay for some rest, Agent T’Siri elaborated upon the subject of the Reaper named Sovereign who was behind the attack on the Citadel three years ago, as well as the general subject of the Reapers, and the Leviathan of Dis, recovered by the Batarians, kept in a secret lab on Kar’Shan, and apparently the subject of an Alliance black-operation eleven years ago. This mission, Operation Dispater, is apparently what Keiji Okuda died for. Agent T’Siri indicated that our ongoing mission is to chase down every lead on the subject of Reapers, using the data on Operation Dispater, as well as information from an Asari neuroscientist named Rana Thanoptis. She assigned Operative Davidson to Atropos Cell.

We left the data itself alone for a while to chase down some leads from the Citadel as well as to take care of some personal business before engaging on this long-term mission.


I spoke to my sister who works for C-Sec. She promised me that she could get all of C-Sec’s files on the wreckage of Sovereign if I give her enough evidence to arrest “Fade”, a former C-Sec officer now using his knowledge to aid the criminal element, including your own agents. If Agent T’Siri’s response is any indication, you value this data on Sovereign more than you value Fade. I’ll be giving the data provided on “Fade” (alias of Harkin) to my sister, and will pass on the information she’ll provide.

Tyler also secured a lead from a human scientist named Dr. Anneliese “Ann” Bryson who apparently works for her father on “paleo-xeno-archaeology.” They apparently have a great deal of funding to research the history of Sovereign and his ilk, which they call “Leviathans.” She also seemed to know something of the backstory of the Leviathan of Dis. Before Tyler could get more information out of her, though, he was nearly kidnapped by agents of some personal enemy of his, Matriarch Vasir of Illium. This resulted in some violence. He is currently following up with Dr. Bryson. We have Matriarch Vasir’s agent as a captive. I mention this on the off-chance such a captive might be of use to you.

I’ll report again when I get the results from C-Sec and from Tyler.

Dariserix Bahktian

Encryption Protocols Disengaged

An Engineered Plague
Lachesis Cell / Omega

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocol Engaged

Origin Designation: Charity / Omega

Report Follows:

Your team arrived ahead of schedule. I was pleased that Tessara has advanced in your service so quickly and was therefore part of the team sent to deal with this Collector plague transaction.

I briefed the team on the fact that certain Vorcha had held on to viable samples of the bioweapon used nearly a year ago here in the Gozu district and that an ambitious Blood Pack Krogan named Ganar Vigos was trying to buy it to export it away from easy access to Mordin Solus’ cure.

I understand that you have your own reasons for wanting samples of this particular weapon, and I think our past business relationship is sufficient to trust that you won’t use it to casually wipe out Turian colonies or some-such. Never fear, should your team be successful I will deliver the samples as promised, as well as samples of the cure procured from Dr. Daniel Abrams. I admit that the fact that humans are immune to this particular weapon does reduce my own incentive to renege on our arrangement, not that I’m the reneging sort.

Rest assured, I continue to value our association, and I understand the very real consequences of any sort of betrayal.


Helena Blake

Priority: Prison Break
Atropos Cell, Sol System / Arcturus Station

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Reporting Officer: Dariserix Bahktian, Squad Leader, Atropos Cell, Captain of the Reluctant


This will be my final report prior to Phase 3 of the current operation. I will briefly summarize the plan as previously reported and indicate our progress.

Systems alliance codex image
Per your instructions, we are to remove Kasumi Goto from Systems Alliance custody. Goto is currently held in a top-security medical detention facility on Arcturus Station, and is to be transported to Alliance headquarters in the city of Vancouver on Earth. Your instructions were to develop a plan to acquire Goto, and submit that plan along with a list of the resources and/or contacts necessary for the planned operation.

The approved operational plan is as follows:

Phase 1: Collect information about the details of the transfer, and take the steps necessary to insert Shadow Broker agents in place of Alliance military personnel assigned to monitor the transfer.
Resources required: Access to Alliance military databases.
Summary: In Vancouver, agent Alice White provided a 20 minute window of free access to Alliance personnel systems. Using this access, Lia’Danna discovered pending transfer orders for three N-program officers with top-secret clearance. These orders assigned the officers to Arcturus Station as support for the prisoner transfer. Lia’Danna was able to subvert Alliance human resources systems to falsify new top-secret security identities for Melsany Ward and Tyler Maddox, and transpose the existing orders to these new identities. Per your suggesion, we procured a standard Alliance Kodiak shuttle to transport the two of them for Phase 2 of the plan. We also discovered the Alliance Intelligence officer in charge of the prisoner transfer operation, namely Captain Sarah Goldman.

Phase 2: Infiltrate agents Ward and Maddox onto Arcturus Station and the transport ship, and prepare the necessary sabotage for Phase 3.
Resources required: Intelligence assets to provide information about the transport ship, a status report on Kasumi Goto, and security arrangements for the transfer. An agent with access to the exterior of the transport ship, able to plant explosive devices.
Summary: We discovered from your agents on Arcturus Station that the transport ship is an Alliance Exeter-class frigate retrofitted for a high thrust-to-mass ratio. The ship’s more typical function is as a high-security courier vessel, so it has been rebuilt for speed. We discovered that Captain Goldman is taking every reasonable precaution to ensure security and secrecy. We discovered that Kasumi Goto is being kept in a cryo-stasis state for transport, probably due to her extensive custom cybernetic implants. Lia’Danna created a specialized computer virus which Melsany Ward will introduce to the Alliance frigate’s FTL Drive systems to create a systems crash. We also utilized one of your agents working in the docks on Arcturus Station to plant a small explosive charge on the exterior of the vessel that will disable the frigate’s sensor and communication systems once activated by our infiltration team. Once aboard, if possible, our two agents will seek out the ship’s emergency beacon and disable that as well.

Phase 3: Sabotage of the Alliance ship’s FTL systems, communication, and sensors en-route to the Arcturus relay, and interception by a Shadow Broker vessels.
Resources required: FTL-capable ships sufficient to intercept the disabled Alliance frigate and effect the “rescue” of her crew.
Summary: Without the ability to call for help in the immense void of space, the Alliance frigate will be entirely at the mercy of the Reluctant, supported by the cruiser Calm Shores and its support vessels which you have delegated to my command. Our infiltration team has been provided with hand-held, encrypted emergency beacons that they will activate once the frigate’s communication systems have been destroyed. Our fleet will either negotiate the frigate’s surrender or damage it enough to force everyone into escape pods. Either way we will take all crew into custody, including Goto, who will then be separated from the rest. With fortune, our small fleet will be out of the Arcturus system before the Alliance notices their timetable has been disrupted.

Melsany Ward and Tyler Maddox have undergone some cosmetic alteration at the hands of our ship’s medic, Iris Krayt, and have departed in their shuttle to initiate Phase 2. The rest of our small fleet is in the Arcturus system awaiting Phase 3.

My next report will be sent within one solar day. If I do not report within that window, assume failure of the mission and initiate clean-up accordingly.

Dariserix Bahktian

Encryption Protocols Disengaged

Personal Business
Atropos Cell, Legion IX

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Reporting Officer: Dariserix Bahktian, Squad Leader, Atropos Cell, Captain of the Reluctant


Under your agent Barla Von‘s instructions, we left our two snipers on Bekenstein for a covert operation and left to transport Kimberly Hock to Anhur. Understanding that we had some time before you needed us again, and with Von’s assurances that he was in no hurry to return to the Citadel, I diverted the Reluctant to the Castellus System where an old family contact named Venesus Haridan who runs a local information brokerage required my assistance with some counter-infiltration. It becomes relevant later to note that I also wished to procure dextro-amino-acid based foodstuffs as our stores were running low.

There is a shipyard-station called Legion IX in orbit around the planet Iritum. It is mostly funded by turian government agencies and turian-dominated corporations. It is located near the Castellus sytem’s sources of refined ores and other raw materials. It had been reported to me that one of Venesus’ skilled and valuable employees and assets, a human named Stephanie Briggs, had been uncovered as a mole for another organization and had been quite resistant to interrogation. As we approached Legion IX, I learned that subsequent security efforts had uncovered a second mole, a quarian named Kori’Van vas Alerai.

We arrived on the station where we met with Venesus. He took us to a relatively safe, public location to discuss the situation. Apparently Briggs, who worked as a front-line information gatherer, gained sufficient access to steal the list of financial investments that Venesus and his organization use for funding. She then forwarded that list via encrypted comm-net signal to parties unknown. The quarian was working for a local corporation programming near-AI-level VI Electronic Countermeasures systems for the ships under construction until Venesus and his people discovered she was programming back-door routines into the ECM systems that would permit a person with the right codes to shut them down in a ship-to-ship battle. Luckily, Venesus’ organization got to her before her corporate employers. Both of the moles were being held in old Eezo storage vaults on the station.

As an aside, I will mention I noted a particularly clever volus listening in on our conversation (using technology that my quarian squad mate could not identify). The volus identified herself as Ela Variss of the Digeris Defense Initiative. Based on information Barla Von has uncovered, this organization seems to be a legitimate corporate interest seeking to develop better planetary defenses for the colony of Digeris. I exchanged contact information with her.

My squad mates Tyler Maddox and Lia’Danna accompanied Venesus and me to the Eezo vaults. We spoke with Stephanie Briggs, who was rather cavalier about her situation. Tyler spoke to her, human to human, and theorized that she was either a “true believer” in her cause or terrified that her real employer would kill her if she spoke. We went in circles for a bit before I straight up offered her a job with our organization. I proved our credentials by revealing aspects of her past, thanks to Barla Von, that she was apparently surprised were still discoverable. She cracked and revealed that she was a Cerberus agent, as was the quarian. Briggs indicated that if she was to be useful to you her death would need to be faked and a new identity arranged.

We then spoke to the quarian. It would appear that the quarian was being blackmailed. Apparently Cerberus has extremely damning information about a recently deceased, highly respected member of the quarian people and this Kori’Van would rather die than let Cerberus reveal this information to the rest of the Migrant Fleet. Lia’Danna will doubtless be appending a supplemental report to include details of this quarian’s situation. Since we already knew she worked for Cerberus, Venesus had no more reason to keep her prisoner. We agreed that it would be best to make it seem as if she was released due to corporate political pressure from her employers, in hopes that her cover would remain intact.

We then engaged in smuggling Briggs to our ship. We put her in a crate marked “Quarian Agricultural Products, Sterile, Do Not Open” and sought to smuggle her out in the shipment of dextro-amino-acid foods that our gunnery-chief was procuring. Unfortunately, we had to carry this crate through some heavy-industrial areas where foodstuffs were not normally seen. We must have tipped off a Cerberus watcher, because we came under attack by a coordinated squad of Cerberus soldiers, all wearing Cerberus colors.
We prevailed, but Operative Tyler Maddox was nearly killed and Operative Lia’Danna was seriously wounded. Briggs survived, as did Venesus. Reflecting on the Cerberus unit’s tactics, I believe they thought we were kidnapping Briggs, and did not yet know that Briggs had voluntarily turned. This leads me to believe that the quarian agent’s cover, while still tentative, remains intact. We escaped to the Reluctant, where we left Venesus to handle station authorities after we departed.

If I may speculate, sir, it seems like Cerberus has significant interest in turian / human joint military activities. While I do not trust Briggs, she may be a useful asset.

Further, I believe that we have a very strong opportunity to neutralize the potentially damaging intelligence that Cerberus is using to blackmail Kori’Van vas Alerai (and presumably other quarians) by spreading misinformation now that will make any release of information by Cerberus seem like a blatantly untrue smear campaign.

Dariserix Bahktian

Sending… Verifying Authentication… Processing… Reply Incoming… Stand By

Operative Bahktian, this is the Shadow Broker. You have done well to capture this Cerberus Operative. Cerberus has declared war on us, attacking a number of our facilities and ongoing operations. As of right now, Cerberus is our number one enemy. Any and all information on Cerberus assets and activities is flagged top priority and will result in top reimbursement.

Shadow Broker out.

Encryption Protocols Disengaged

Bekenstein Estate Sale
Atropos Cell, Bekenstein

Shadow broker

Begin Delivery Tracking String 554Zero7
Encryption Protocols Enabled
Origin: The Advisor

Shadow Broker:

Things did not go as smoothly as planned. Nevertheless, the cell of operatives you sent me showed themselves to be capable and clever. The objective is secure. No financial resources were necessary to procure it, although three squads of your mercenaries were necessary to cover our escape which advertised your interest and investment in an item that may have otherwise passed under the attention of the other groups present at the estate sale of Donovan Hock.

Of all the attendees present, only Captain Goldman of the Systems Alliance seemed to be fully aware of the value of the copy Hock had made of Keiji Okuda’s graybox. Now, groups such as Clan Thax, the Noveria Development Corporation, the Illium Mercantile clans, Eclipse, and sundry others know that an otherwise innocuous set of encrypted data was important enough for the Alliance to launch a full military operation to secure. I suspect the Bekenstein government will be lodging any number of formal complaints, and I can ensure that this happens if you wish it thanks to my new association with Hock’s daughter Kimberly.

An armed conflict may have been inevitable, but to their credit, the operatives you sent me made the whole thing appear to be the fault of Eclipse. They manipulated Eclipse systems and disgruntled employees to force a conflict between the Mercenaries and Captain Goldman. Only then did Goldman call in the Alliance marines. Your operatives did an excellent job of not only protecting my person, and the person of Kimberly Hock, our hostess, but also sowing sufficient chaos in the ensuing firefight that your Quarian operative was able to slip into the vault and make off with the prize.

Prior to the conflict, they were also instrumental in spotting Spectre Jondum Bau in the crowd. I negotiated an arrangement with him wherein he would not interfere in your procurement of the item. In exchange, we would provide to him the decrypted data with the understanding that he would only make use of it in the pursuit of his duties, and all proceeds from the sale of that information would remain with you. I recall your explicit instructions about giving Spectres preferential treatment, and have seen the benefits such a policy have returned with Spectres Vasir and Shepard, and I hope such an arrangement meets with your approval.

Your Human operative, Mr. Maddox, appears to have engaged in mating behavior with Kimberly Hock. I don’t claim to understand Human habits in this regard, but it appears to have convinced her to provide us with preferential treatment at the estate sale, as well as causing her to procure my services as financial advisor. I was able to arrange for her to keep most of the proceeds of her father’s sale utilizing loopholes in Bekenstein’s bankruptcy laws. She is now a person of significant wealth. I will continue to work with her in getting her set up to her satisfaction. I imagine she may well be a useful asset in the future.

Our arrangements with Clan Thax went according to plan. The Clanleader owes you a debt.

The graybox copy is on its way to the Facility as you instructed. I’m not sure how you will crack the encryption, but as always, I strive to maintain a scrupulous lack of curiosity when it comes to matters I do not need to know.


Barla Von


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