Cerberus Seizes Omega

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By Arne Soteris

OMEGA – Human supremacist group Cerberus has seized Omega, the de facto “capitol” of the fractious Terminus systems. An attack on the station by a previously unknown species using captured Cerberus ships prompted the crisis. Cerberus Colonel Raymond Ashe seized control with the stated aims of destroying the invaders and imposing order on a notoriously chaotic station.

The whereabouts of long-time ruler of Omega, Aria T’Loak, are currently unknown and violence has erupted throughout the station in reaction to Colonel Ashe’s declaration. Cerberus has responded with deadly force against any who take up arms against them using hitherto unexpected military strength. The high numbers of troops supported by advanced technology and new, cutting edge mechanized infantry have taken the various mercenary companies and gangs on Omega by surprise. Cerberus also moved to secure vital areas and systems on the station.

Cerberus has cut off all communication from the station, and the station’s weaponry is firing on any ship trying to dock or depart from Omega without Cerberus authorization, but a hidden, emergency QEC system operated by the Blue Suns Security Corporation provides a steady stream of details.

Speculation amongst the colonial, mercenary, and pirate groups in the Terminus is running wild as to why the formerly small, secretive terrorist organization would pour so many resources into securing such a notoriously difficult to rule station far from Alliance space, surrounded by hostile alien groups. Unsubstantiated rumors are circulating that Cerberus has discovered a way to traverse the Omega-4 relay and has seized Omega as a vital port and resupply station for massive salvage operations.

Cerberus spokeswoman Natalya Vosk, commenting from Illium, had this to say: “Cerberus is bringing much needed law and order to Omega. All civilized races should see the value of such a thing in the otherwise lawless Terminus. The Council has been toothless against this pirate den for centuries. Cerberus has succeeded where the Council has failed over and over again. We have no intention of harming anyone, regardless of their species, provided they obey the law and join in a new, safer, more harmonious Omega.”

Arne Soteris is the author of the travelogue blog “Fear and Loathing in the Terminus Systems” and is a regular contributor on Terminus news.

Cerberus Seizes Omega

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