February, 2185 - Collected News Abstracts on Hanar Colony Belan Threatened by Comet

02/02/2185 – Comet CR1331 Kingu Threatens Hanar Colony of Belan
“The extrasolar comet CR1331 Kingu will soon pass by the hanar colony world of Belan (Undercurrent). The comet contains a volatile gas element that the system’s sun will warm up, but it is not known how the reaction will alter the comet’s trajectory. It is impossible to determine whether the comet will strike Belan or simply pass it by. Hanar citizens are hastily evacuating the colony while their government petitions the turian fleet to commission a dreadnought to intercept the comet.”

02/05/2185 – Kingu Comet Classified Harmless by ISAB
“A panel of experts at the Institute for the Study of Astronomical Bodies have classified the comet CR1331 Kingu as harmless to the hanar colony world of Belan. They say the comet’s outgassing process will alter its course and it will cleanly miss the planet. The reaction on Belan ranged from gratitude to disbelief, while the turians, who were considering sending a dreadnought to destroy the asteroid, welcomed the news and said they will send a news probe to observe the comet’s historic passing.”

02/08/2185 – Scientists Reassert Fears About Kingu Comet
“A growing consortium of scientists have signed an extranet petition claiming that the findings of the ISAB concerning the Kingu comet are in grave error. Using telemetry from the Shining Sky orbital station, they calculate that CR1331 Kingu will come close enough to produce a dangerous meteor shower and possibly disrupt the planet gravitationally. Millions of citizens are headed for higher ground to await the alleged doomsday, blocking all traffic arteries and overwhelming spaceports. Travel to Belan has been restricted.”

02/10/2185 – Kingu Comet Devastates Belan
“The Kingu comet has hurtled past the hanar colony world Belan, and its disruption has been devastating. Though the main body of the comet did not strike the surface of the planet, the comet, at one-quarter the size of Belan’s moon, disrupted tides all over the planet with its gravity. Tsunamis have ravaged coastal cities all over the globe, breaking levees, flooding urban centers, and drowning non-hanar citizens. The Citadel Council has declared the entire planet of Belan a disaster zone, and estimates of the full credit value of the damage will take months.”

02/11/2185 – Galactic Organizations Pledge to Aid Belan
“The Kingu comet’s wake of destruction continues to dominate the news cycle. New video shows meteor showers caused by hot gasses breaking giant chunks of ice off the comet. No population centers were struck by the impacts, which left craters up to 180m in diameter. Meanwhile, the Intergalactic Red Cross, the turian Lifebearer Brigade, the hanar organization Healing Waters, and hundreds of other charities galaxy-wide have pledged their support to housing and feeding the uncountable refugees of the planet.”

02/12/2185 – Comet’s Toll on Belan Revealed
“Images coming out of the hanar colony world Belan are brutal. Though one might think an aquatic species such as the hanar would survive flooding, tsunamis more than fifteen meters high crushed many hanar living close to the coasts. Collapsing buildings and broken power lines have also caused casualties. Pest-driven diseases plague the refugee camps and insects and mold spores have infested abandoned neighborhoods. Reconstruction efforts have begun in some cities, beginning with the all-important drainage of areas still under water. Spaceport traffic is still jammed as millions of citizens attempt to return to their homes.”

02/19/2185 – Government Response to Belan Disaster Criticized
“The governmental response to the situation on Belan is receiving fire today. As fresh food supplies spoil, starvation and looting have become rampant. Some cities such as New Plentiful have been spared the worst of the chaos as their geography allows for emergency air- and spacelifts of supplies. Others, such as the subarctic city of Whitecap, must deal with a paralyzing lack of infrastructure as well as temperature extremes. The official global death toll has reached 110,000 and estimates place the complete figure anywhere from 1.1 to 3.5 million.”

02/20/2185 – Star-Studded Telethon Held for Comet Victims on Belan
“Tonight’s telethon to assist the disaster-struck planet of Belan should be a star-studded affair. A-list entertainers such as Alis Price Vladamir Bukin will appear in the 2-hour special, directed by Ronny Lam. So full is the guest list that the entire cast of the extranet series Crashcart was turned away at the door. Legends like Amita Valla will be putting in the hours working the comm units. “We want to let Belan know we’re a caring galaxy,” she says, “and if it takes some rich and spoiled entertainers to call attention to the fact that a few million people just died, we’re there for you, sister.”

03/22/2185 – Reconstruction Begins on Comet-Devastated Belan
“It has been one Belanese month [six Earth weeks], since the comet Kingu caused devastating tides that killed over a million Belanese. Now, with the water drained wherever it can be drained, the rebuilding starts. This planet has never seen so many humans, salarians, and vorcha. Migrant workers are a common sight; so are the charity volunteers and religious groups. The turian government and its scientists are daily targets of hatred and blame for not doing more to stop Kingu. Citadel Emergency Services estimates the refugee count is over four million displaced, either moving inland or to flotation cities and other planets, or waiting in temporary housing for new habitats to be built. Normalcy may eventually come, but it still feels distant.”

07/20/2185 – Turian Hierarchy Criticized for Shifting Aid Efforts from Belan
“Many citizens have returned to life as usual on Belan, but refugee camps are still filled to capacity by those left homeless by the Kingu comet. The Salarian Union has received much praise for their relief efforts, but Belanese government officials claim aid from the Turian Hierarchy has dropped sharply since fighting started on Taetrus. A Hierarchy spokesperson responded, “Our people have never set Belan aside. While some of our efforts shifted to Vallum after its attack, and needed to remain there in case of further attack, assisting in the rebuilding of Belan always was, and remains, a priority for Palaven.”

10/13/2185 – Billions Snap Up Tickets for Lucky-88 Lottery
“Maybe it’s the downturn in the economy or the fact that it’s the largest jackpot in history, but people are snapping up tickets for the 1.7-billion credit prize in this year’s Lucky-88 Lottery. Says one player: “Guarded optimism: Our office pool has collectively purchased 315 tickets. Wistful hope: What a dream come true if we had that winning number.” It’s rumored that over a billion tickets have already been sold on planets from Thessia to Caleston. The draw will be held next week.”

10/20/2010 – Lucky-88 Lottery Winner Donates Prize to Belan Relief Funds
“The winner of Lucky-88 Lottery’s 1.7-billion credit jackpot claimed the prize today… then promptly gave away the first payment. Hours after the Unified Bank of Irune transferred its first payment to a lucky hanar called Brimyell, the credits were donated to various relief funds for the disaster-struck planet of Belan. Brimyell spoke to the press about its visits to the beleaguered planet, saying that it had been touched both by the suffering and the spirit of cooperation among its people. “The sum this one received was a blessing which it believes should be shared. May Belan be guided by the gifts of the Enkindlers. Also, while speaking to the press, this one would appreciate a moment to request that people cease petitioning it for funds it no longer possesses. It is having difficulty keeping up with its e-mail.”

February, 2185 - Collected News Abstracts on Hanar Colony Belan Threatened by Comet

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