October 12, 2175 - Synthetic Insights Stock Plummets After Graybox Ban

Synthetic Insights Stock Plummets After Graybox Ban
October 12, 2175, Lisa Roberts, Correspondent

Stock in Synthetic Insights, Ltd.. took a hit today after the Systems Alliance formally banned the sale of controversial graybox technology.

The “Synthetic Insights mnemonic neural recall stimulator,” or “graybox”, is a highly invasive neural implant system originally designed to counter the effects of Alzheimer’s disease or to help humans involved in international diplomacy or trade keep up with Salarian eidetic recall.

Unfortunately, the system requires complete integration into the brain’s ongoing neurological processes in order to remain effective. Any removal of the system, or even a software glitch, almost certainly results in significant brain damage.

Tellingly, however, it was not medical safety concerns that led to the ban, but rather the aborted trial of Admiral Abraham Rumoi, an Alliance Intelligence official who was discovered stealing classified data with the aid of such a device. The case fell apart under the Alliance Statute against self-incrimination. The court found that a graybox integrates so fully with the brain’s neurology that the device, and everything stored inside it, is analogous to the brain’s own contents, and cannot therefore be downloaded or interrogated in court.

A spokesperson for Synthetic Insights gave this comment:

“The Systems Alliance Parliament has struck a blow against personal freedom and autonomy in the name of security. Although the mnemonic neural recall stimulator is early-stage technology in the field of neuro-enhancement, and not without its risks, citizens of the Alliance should be free to choose those risks for themselves.”

An industry spokesperson took a different stance:

“This decision does nothing but stifle cutting-edge biotechnological research by one of humanity’s leading companies. Once more the Systems Alliance has played right into the hands of the Asari and Salarians.”

October 12, 2175 - Synthetic Insights Stock Plummets After Graybox Ban

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